(I We have no control.)

…in no particular order.


10. I love that He Who Makes Me Smile (HWMMS) had the audacity to ask me (after having outpatient eye surgery this morning) if I would want to see the movie Guardians of the Galaxy in 3-D. Um, no. My eye is blurry enough I tell you. NOT THAT IT WOULD MATTER because  *SORT OF SPOILER ALERT* this damn movie had me HOLDING BACK UGLY TEARS in the first five minutes. Hence, eyes blurry. Yeah, HWMMS took off his glasses and wiped his eyes too. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

9. Merle, I mean Michael Rooker…played EVIL BLUE SMURF MERLE in this movie! Same evil dude, more Blue Man Group paint!

8. This movie was outlandishly excellent. Reminded me of a funny Serenity/Firefly crossed with a little Avengers. And yes, I know Nathan Fillion can do no wrong, HOWEVER his cameo part was pretty lame.

7. If you are going to cast a gorgeous bald man in a movie for the love of GOD do not make him a tree! Also, *SORT OF SPOILER ALERT* this is probably the first and last movie where a Vin Diesel character will make me cry. (And for the record that is my 2nd and last mention of crying…but I did cry 3 times during the movie.)

6. I know the raccoon was played by Bradley Cooper, but in my mind it was Ben Stiller the whole time. You know how they made the animated Hulk in Avengers sort of look like Mark Ruffalo? (See where I’m going with this?)

5. Best Kevin Bacon reference ever in a film. In fact loved all the 80s goodness. Invoking John Stamos, also excellent.

4. I’m not really a fan of long drawn out bang bang chase and fight scenes, but the one in Knowhere was somewhat dazzling to watch. I enjoy futuristic nonsensical sets.

3. I sure hope this movie helps mix-tapes make a comeback.

2. SPOILER ALERT. STAR-LORD WITH HIS SHIRT OFF WILL MAKE YOU WOOZY (in the best possible way) why on earth, I mean, why on this galaxy did they not film the entire movie with Chris Pratt shirtless? SWOON.

1. Marvel really trained their fans well, not one person got up to leave during the credits at the end…and after the credits *SORT OF SPOILER ALERT* millions of fans are now downloading the movie Howard the Duck.




Dear Mr. Pegula,

Please consider buying the Buffalo Public Schools and Niagara Falls…aw heck, just go straight for Albany too.

Western New York



Today while at the Springville Auction/Market, He Who Makes Me Smile bought a giant package of Sharpie pens for only $1!


Except…our SIL pointed out that she new someone who did the same thing, and we needed to look a little closer to the name…

YES! A package of Sharpei Pens! SCORE!

Maybe they will refresh our pond?

grey skies

…means no internet out in the country. Sigh. Darn satellite internet.

Tis been a while since showing photos of the 18th Century Tavern. Not exactly all period appropriate but fun. We’ve used it now a few times with friends and family, which is the most important part to me.




Hello there giant bowl of fresh organic lettuce!

I know this is going to sound so very basic and probably not worth saying, but it still amazes me that one package of seeds for under $2 can create so much produce.


This morning I picked enough lettuce to fill four gallon bags. Each bag contains roughly the amount of two (or maybe three) store-bought bags of lettuce. Assuming organic bags of lettuce are about $3 per package, that would be $24 of greens. First cutting, they will grow again. And all I did was put the seeds in the ground and water…nothing fancy.

One package of seeds for $2 already saved me $22. AND produced much tastier salad (and allowed me to share with friends!)

Gardening. I love it so…

Yesterday I got lost in the weeds in the woods where our berries are growing….



There are bunches and bunches of wild blackberries along the perimeter of the woods in our backyard, but many of them are lost in the weeds and bushes and trees.



But not anymore. I went apeshit on those suckers. Now the berries have room to breathe and get sunshine and grow big and strong! We also planted several bushes to supplement what was already there, but they are too tiny to grow berries this year, maybe next.

I grew up on a small farm. And on this small farm we had a small well. Or at least I THINK it was a small well, that’s what my grandparents and parents ingrained into my head “don’t waste the water!”

Now that I’m living in the country with a well and lots of gardens to take care of, I knew we needed to look into some sort of supplement, you know, I don’t want to waste the water.


So we looked into rain barrels. But HOLY COW rain barrels are expensive at the big box stores! We looked at Lowe’s and the Tractor Supply store and for $400+ a pop, well…we needed to figure something else out.

Enter. Craigslist.


Hello large rainwater holders! Yes, we will take two… $100 a piece! 300 gallons each. SCORE!

There’s something about watering the gardens with rain we collected that makes me happy. Maybe it’s just because I know I’m not running the well dry when watering flowers.



Seriously, how adorable and old school is this pharmacy? Located in an old train depot…it kept the original charm.

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