Wow. 1,500 marketing messages every day.

While reading this article…I found the above statistic. Interesting, eh?

What to do after the Fundraisers’ Honeymoon is over

Do you remember the New Fundraiser’s Honeymoon?

It’s such a beautiful, special time, when you’re bowled over by the cause you’re working for, so amazed that you’re getting paid to do something so cool. You think: This job is going to be a cakewalk. Once people know our story, they’ll fall all over themselves to give!

You then start to “tell everyone” your story.

Some time after that, the honeymoon comes to a crashing end. You discover the harsh truth: People can know your story perfectly — and still not care enough to do anything about it.

Here’s the problem with the belief that all you need to do is get the word out: It’s self-centered thinking. And centering on self, you miss three important factors:

  1. Even when you tell your story, you have a lot less of their attention than you think you do. Americans are exposed to something like 1,500 marketing messages every day. Many of these messages are exquisitely crafted and well targeted. No matter how cool your story is, it’s one voice in a very loud, very crowded place.
  2. Not everyone cares about everything. In fact, a pretty large segment of the population doesn’t care about much of anything. And many caring, active people have well-defined areas of interest, and are just not so interested in things outside of that area.
  3. Most important: It’s not your story that’s going to motivate people to give. It’s their story. Sure, your work is really great. Heroic, even. But it’s not how heroic you are that causes people to give, but how heroic they are.

If you’re still in the Honeymoon, enjoy it. But as you get on with the rest of your life, dealing with reality as it is (not how you want it to be) is a great place to start!

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