“When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.” Benjamin Franklin

In other words, when the pipes are frozen for two days and water suddenly works again it means a pipe burst and exploded somewhere in the wall into landlord’s kitchen and basement and furnace (eek, no heat!) and once again, just like that without water. (At least I have heat… yikes!)

No shower for me in the morning. Don’t expect me to look pretty.


No water until at least Thursday (fingers crossed.) Contractors need to remove kitchen cabinets, ceiling etc in the landlord’s flat downstairs to fix the pipe.

Ugh. Not a good time to NOT have a vehicle on the road. I feel defeated. And completely convinced the landlord is going to hate me and not renew my lease in May.

I’d say good times, but I’d be completely lying. :(

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  1. I know this winter in the south has not been pretty with bursting pipes all over the place (though thankfully, none here). Hopefully, it’ll be a fast fix!

  2. I can understand why you’d be worried, but he would be the suckiest landlord ever if he didn’t renew your lease because HIS pipes froze.

    What were you supposed to do? Spend the night stoking a fire next to the pipes? Tim is a virtual Bob Vila and our pipes froze this weekend. It happens and it’s not your fault.

  3. Future reference: when it gets below 15 degrees leave a faucet or 2 dribbling. I learned this from a landlord screaming at me and everyone else in the building. Who knew?

    Almost froze up my pipes here about 15 years ago when it was my house and my money at stake, so I filed a more strongly worded mental note about it.

  4. Hey…are there any gyms offering 1 wk free trial or a cheap just for a week thingon your path to and from work? I will ask around.. Cuz that is a pretty convenient place for a shower. Most places will give you a week or so for free.

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