Last Saturday I attended a fundraiser for Old Fort Niagara called Tavern Night.

“Spend a lively evening at a not-so-upscale 18th century tavern. Enjoy common tavern fare, tasty beverages, and encounter some unsavory 18th century characters. Play 18th century games and enjoy live period music.”

He Who Makes Me Smile is a big supporter of the Fort so this was my “coming out party of sorts ” to a bunch of people he knows. (He had a “coming out party of sorts”  with me at the end of January for a fancy schmantzy work event.) And I guess this is his coming out on All Things Jennifer as well, since it is the first time I posted pics of us. Tis a pretty wonderful relationship and man I’ve found. He’s a keeper–get used to seeing his face around here, eh? ;)

In the weeks before Tavern Night, ok, the week before,  I was most worried about my outfit—what on earth was I going to wear? A period appropriate outfit? Um…does this mean pretty corsets and petticoats (YES PLEASE!) Um, nope, I learned that is a bit more Renaissance Fair attire. Hmmmm. Think Laura Ingalls Wilder instead.


Not exactly sexy, eh? However I was told by my civilian partner that I looked like a respectable woman.

Of course his outfit had more mojo if you ask me…


The two of us together…adorkable.


We sat at a table of new friends and shared candlelight, popcorn and songbooks.

Being the naughty wench type person I am, I found a very tame song in the back of the book called “The Lusty Young Smith” Hey! Tis my song! Smith!


“With a rub, rub, rub, rub, in and out, in and out….ho.”

Oh my. (Blushing)

Yeah, so where was I?


Food was served. And He Who Makes Me Smile got out his very sharp He-Smithed-It-Himself-Knife to show off his mad smithing skillz cut the ham.


And I enjoyed soup (no spoons, of course!) while wearing my new and completely not period appropriate chunky brown glasses.


Mugs were filled all night!


A few games were played…


I won a few shillings in a gambling match or two.


Pickled eggs and beans were handed out in chamber pots. (I did not partake.)


Young lasses and soldiers were auctioned off to the highest bidder. (I did not partake.)


The kings men fooled us into looking at his *bird* in exchange for a shilling. (I unfortunately did partake, and the bird was not a bird rather a severed head. Was this some kind of MESSAGE? Sick humour these folk!)


And by the end of the night, I was wearing my man’s hat on my head. Just like the good ol’ ADPi days where I somehow ended up wearing my dates tie at the end of the night.

Good times.

Next event? Custom made stays to accentuate the girls…

If you ever get the chance…try out an event at the Fort! Lots of fun!

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