I went to Cleveland this weekend for a couples baby shower.

Of course having a solo late night 80’s dance party might have resulted in a late start the next morning. Um, yeah nevermind.

A few hours later we arrive in Cleveland, at my friend Stephanie’s home about 10 minutes late.  But where are all the people? Um? I call my friend Jen to make sure I knew exactly what house number and Jen, kindly tells me…that the baby shower is not at Stephanie’s house but rather 45 minutes away on the far side of town.

Apparently, I opened up the invitation and ignored everything inside and created my own couples shower for Stephanie as a picnic in her backyard.

Yes, friends I’m that smart!

He Who Makes Me Smile handled this hiccup with well, patience. And with a new rule that he will always, ALWAYS look at the invitation to an event or look up the address and never, ever, count on me alone to get us somewhere on time.

My name is Jennifer Smith and I approve this message.

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