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Glass Ornaments

HWMMS killed the Christmas Tree today. Bye-bye. While going through and packing up the ornaments he went through several of the boxes we had of ornaments we didn’t use this year. Half of them went back to the basement and a bunch of them he wanted to throw out…

THROW OUT! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I can MAKE something with those ornaments, I just know it! Dear God WHAT HAS PINTEREST DONE TO ME?

I’ve been given 24 hours to figure out what I want to do with the ornaments above before they find themselves in the trash. Truthfully, I’m exceptionally proud that HWMMS wants to actually trash something. I’m usually the get-ridder-of-stuff person in our relationship.

A small bit o’ research led me to the following projects.

Shattered ornament picture frame

broken ornament necklace

Anyone have any other ideas? Please share! Broken glass ornaments need to be crafted…I can just feel it!

I spent last week in front of the vaporizer trying to kill my never-ending cold once and for all…and a few days later I end up with a very painful pinched muscle in my neck/shoulder. I’ve been doing stretches, I’ve been massaging it. I’ve been staying in the hot hot shower longer trying to relieve the pain, but nothing works besides ibuprofen. I need to see my brother. Soon.

Last night I asked HWMMS to poke and prod and massage the area to get at the painful knot. This is one activity he does NOT like to do…doesn’t like messing with the neck and pain…but he did for me anyhow. And HOLY GOD IT HURT AND FELT AMAZING AT THE SAME TIME. Shooting pain…yet relief.

At one point he took this photo. I didn’t realize he stamped me with my new Blah, Blah, Blah stamp…ha.


Also, ow. I went to bed in a good pain and woke up 12 hours later feeling better. And then I started moving around and it started to bother me again. Ibuprofen and lots and lots of water to the rescue. Until I get to the chiropractor at least.

A ramen noodle restaurant?


You went there, fair enough I did too.

I’ve been seeing a lot of BUZZ on Facebook/Twitter about the new ramen noodle restaurant on Elmwood… No Noo Ramen!

HWMMS really wanted to try it out, so last night we did. And WOW! They did not disappoint! The presentation was amazing, very pretty! And oh how tasty!

No Noo Ramen

HWMMS ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen -pork bone broth with roast pork, menma (bamboo shoots), kamaboku egg, bacon, garlic oil.

No Noo Ramen!

I had no choice but to order the Loco Moco – hamburger patty over white rice, topped with country gravy, two sunny sided eggs and mac salad on the side. It was the most ridiculous item on the menu, how could I NOT try it? Japanese garbage plate anyone?

NO Noo Ramen

Kelly ordered the most American dish on the menu..Chicken Katsue – breaded seasoned chicken covered in Japanese curry gravy served with white rice and kimchi.

No Noo Ramen

And Tom ordered the Yakisoba – stir fried ramen noodles, cabbage, bean sprouts, greens, roast pork in a savory sauce, topped with nori and sesame seeds.

Everything was delicious and fresh. Get thee to No Noo Ramen! (Just remember to bring cash, they don’t have plastic ability quite yet.)

Have you tried out No Noo Ramen yet? What did you think?

Guinness Chocolate Cake from Prospero
Guinness Chocolate Cake from Prospero.

Seafood Alfredo

I love seafood. But why is it soooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive? I bought 4 giant scallops for $5 and two salmon filets for $10. Sauteed the seafood with garlic, green onion and mushrooms.

Seafood Alfredo
And served over whole wheat pasta with Wegmans Alfredo sauce (I was being lazy. Also I didn’t want to remember how bad Alfredo is for us by making it by scratch.) This was our one decadent dish of the week. Yum.

King Size Bed?

Despite having a KING SIZE bed…the animals always choose to be right beside mama. Of course this makes me smile.


I love this goofy dog.

I can see it now…

The Chuck: Jameson, shot.
The Jen: Patron, shot.

What do you think our specialty drinks should be? (Cause I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be what I just said…)

HWMMS is on the laptop and I hear this…

I have no idea where it came from, or why he posted it on his Facebook page.

But I love it.


The City of Buffalo, 4:40pm. Yowza!

Funny, once I got out of the city there was nary a flake…just very slow drivers.

Lucky for me, I’m still driving the truck of HWMMS.




When we got engaged at the end of September we both thought waiting until Fall 2012 was going to feel like forever (especially if we want to start trying for a family ASAP.) Looking at the timeline now, wow, time flies when you’re pinning away wedding inspiration. Labor Day Weekend 2012 doesn’t seem that far away at all.


Laughable, thinking I once imagined NOT having bridesmaids. One of the loveliest unexpected surprises of being engaged is realizing how many people you love want to celebrate with you and share in the occasion. Not sure WHY this is surprising because I know I get giddy with anticipation when MY friends announce their engagements and babies to be, why wouldn’t they be the same for me, right?


This should come as a surprise to um, no one who has ever read my blog in the past 8 years however…I could probably blog all day about wedding planning and never get bored. I love it. I love all of it. I hope I’m not turning people OUT by blogging these thoughts here instead of creating a separate website… but I really want everything all in one place. I got one of the best unexpected compliments from a sorority sister last night…she told me I was her favorite bride-to-be at the moment and “your blog makes me feel included so it is super fun for me. Like a reality show that I REALLY care about.” How cool is that? Seriously? Happy dance. (Thank you Hell!) ;)


The more I think of our WEDDING the more I want a HUGE CELEBRATION PARTY (and I mean I could invite 100 more people easily…) but…REALLY WANT time with just me and He Who Makes Me Smile for the actual ceremony and vows.  In the beginning I didn’t think I waned any of it at all, but I do…but just with him. Weird, eh?

What surprised YOU once you started planning your wedding?

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