Weber Goals for Today: Play outside till it rains, work inside after.

Herb Garden Herb Garden

Herb Garden- Completed! Basil, Oregano, Coriander, Thyme, Chives, Dill, and Parsley.


I also planted a bed of lettuce (and spinach, green beans, cucumbers and peas in the 1st garden plot.)

Hello Toad

Hello little fella!


Adios Bushes Part One Adios Bushes Part One Adios Bushes Part One Adios Bushes Part One

This project is more FUN and more WORK than it should be. Love pulling the smelly bushes out of the ground with the truck. HATE breaking up the hundred pounds of soil hanging on the roots. HWMMS did a lot of work on this…and it doesn’t even look like we have half of them torn out! Still 10 more to go.

Last project of the afternoon before the rainstorm? GET RID OF OLD SMELLY HEAVY COUCH.


Bye, bye couch…2 old couches out, 1 more to go.


I moved some of our house plants temporarily to the large space where the old smelly couch once sat. Our cats are NOT HAPPY.

A good day.

After the Rain
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