Weber Wedding Honeymoon


One would think that with our wedding next weekend we might have started really planning a trip or 27. But one would be underestimating our power of slackerdom.


It appears that we will be doing a bunch of little trips all over the USA this summer instead of one big RV tour. Part of the trip might still involve an RV, or it might not. We need to figure EVERYTHING out. The problem is…well, there are no problems but we do have a bit of a juggling game to work around with the garden, and the dog, and concert tickets already purchased for the summer, and awesome events with friends and family we don’t want to miss.

I’ve been saying we will be traveling like bicycle wheel spokes…up to New England—-back home. Over to NYC/Philly—back home. Down to DC/Virgina/Carolinas—back home, Bama/New Orleans—back home. Everything is a possibility when nothing is planned! We will be sneaking away SOMEWHERE the week after the wedding for a few days and make more definitive plans for the summer at that time while diving into a pile of books and enjoying life together as Mr. & Mrs.

Any suggestions to where we should go? What books to read? Let us know!!!

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  1. Due to elder issues, we have been traveling back and forth to Boston over the last two years. While there, we had spare time. Saw the JFK presidential library, the boston aquarium and tne New balance factory. Our next trip will be shopping and the tour through quincy market. highly recommended if you have time, loads of history and being lost in the city was not awful. Take care if you have a Tom Tom or guidance of some sort. It cuts off with all the high buildings and we got lost alot.

  2. Oh Boston is loaded with wonderful places we will love to see, and I really haven’t been there before! The times I have I know the roads were hard to navigate, we will definitely be updating our GPS before visiting! The best part about not having a plan is getting lost can be part of the fun….(also, could lead to early divorce with fighting!) LOL. THANK YOU for commenting!!! I wish we could see your smiling face, but understand your traveling….send YOU and your family love and health…

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