HWMMS has been kicking butt with house renovations!

The Dining and Living Rooms are almost complete! So far he has tackled the following projects. Mostly on his own, since I’m a trainwreck and a wee bit messy. I love my husband.

House Renovations House Renovations

Remove Popcorn Ceilings in All Rooms/Sand/Paint White

House Renovations House Renovations

Paint Dining Room/Hallway Walls Prussian Blue

House Renovations House Renovations

Remove Carpets in All Rooms/Electrical Heat Registers

House Renovations

Remove/Replace Ceiling Lights/Chandelier


New Valance/Hardware for Dining Room

House Renovations House Renovations

Tear Down Living Room Shelf

House Renovations House Renovations

Paint Living Room Walls Oatmeal Stone

House Renovations

Remove/Replace Switchplates/Doorbell/Smoke Detectors


New Curtain/Hardware for Living Room (I still need to steam!)

Only thing left to do:

Install Laminate Flooring- we already purchased, just need to put it in.

Next step? Kitchen and Bathroom. Eegads, that list is long and much more expensive!

It makes me a bit sad knowing HWMMS is doing so much work only for us to sell this house in the future, but I guess that’s what updating an old dated ranch home from the 1970’s is all about!

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