When I last blogged about updating our current House Renovations the only thing left to do was the laminate flooring. This was a project that HWMMS (Husband Who Makes Me Smile) did NOT want to take on, not that he couldn’t—because he did it before, but he didn’t want to install the floors. So we priced out a few estimates.

The first option was Home Depot. We browsed the selection of laminate flooring and found only certain brands (none that were in stock, all special order) were included in the whole house installation deal. PERGO, the brand HWMMS originally wanted to order because it was the BEST wasn’t included. Of course, the BEST also would cost at least $1000 more for a house we aren’t planning on living in so I can’t say I was heartbroken when we had to choose a different brand to get the special. A few days later we had a contractor (or so we thought…) come in to measure the space so we could order the floor. Several days after the fact, the contractor that Home Depot used told us they couldn’t give a proper estimate because WE would have to hire a contractor to come and fix the bump in the floor.  Bump in the floor? Ok, but…isn’t that what we were going to pay YOU to do when we hired you? No, thank you.

After this little bump in the floor, see what I did there, hahaha…HWMMS STILL didn’t want to install the floor himself. The funny part about this is whenever we mentioned it on social media…pretty much 80% of our friends said “but you are so handy, you can totally do it yourself!” Yeah..keeping the husband happy we decided to try again, this time…

Onward to Lumber Liquidators, where we got an excellent Black Friday super sale thanks to our derby friends passing along a coupon! SIGNIFICANTLY CHEAPER! The installation wasn’t included in the price, but the total cost was still about $1200 cheaper than Home Depot was going to be! SCORE! The contractor boy child came out a few days later for measurements and well, let’s just say he didn’t instill any confidence in my husband. Apparently the boy child measured three different times…and came up with three different measurements! Literally, our dining room and living room are two rectangles. The only difficult part would be the wee hallway in between those rooms and the bath/bedrooms. At this point HWMMS decided to say a few bad words…and he drove to Lumbar Liquidators to pick up the Room Temperature Wood laminate floors to install himself. (And I secretly rejoiced! SO MUCH MONEY SAVED!)

Floor project also meant a new toy…


The first night wasn’t a very good night. It took a very long time to get the few rows even remotely in place and even then, well, all I can say is if I counted how many times I heard “THIS IS WHY I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT PERGO” we could have, well, bought the Pergo.


Being the good internet addicted wife I am…after a few hours of browsing discussion boards, we came up with the solution of “use a larger hammer” and “try a different angle.” BAM. Floor started to go in without a problem. Happy Husband, Happy Wife.


Somewhere in December…also known as WAY TOO MANY DAYS PAST THE TIME WHEN I WANTED TO PUT UP THE CHRISTMAS TREE BUT COULDN’T BECAUSE THE FLOOR WASN’T FINISHED (but I’m being patient, I swear…) it was finished.

Finishing the Hallway!

All except that pesky hallway part…which took a little longer. ;)


To celebrate the GORGEOUS and very slippery floor we purchased an adorable Wee Fireplace for the far end of the Living Room.

My Husband is quite amazing. Thank you for all the hard work.


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