This Might Make Laundry Worth Considering

This Might Make Laundry Worth Considering

A laundry room with red appliances and aqua walls. YES PLEASE! Now, all I have to do is convince HWMMS to purchase red appliances.


Oh yeah and move the current laundry set-up in our new house which is FIRST THING WHEN YOU WALK IN THE DOOR IN THE MUDROOM to um, anywhere else in the house please pretty pretty please?

(AKA the huge bathroom in the basement.)

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  1. We have 20+ year old washer that just keeps on spinnin’; its partner drier died about 5 years ago and we replaced it (you’d think the washer would go first). I really really really want a front loading washer…do I have to wait ‘til the old one breaks? I think I can guess your answer. :-)

  2. C- I say you should wait until the old one breaks. :) (Or not…)

    J-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. In the entryway is such a terrible place, not sure why they put it right there when you first walk in. Oh well. HWMMS is totally anti creating new laundry hookups elsewhere.

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