The other day before a meeting in the city HWMMS said he wanted to go somewhere to have a big steak. I asked what KIND of steak—normal steak or fancy steak?

FANCY was the answer. HOW FANCY?

Well, we ended up at E.B. Green’s Steakhouse which is what Buffalo considers one of their finest. Also, we had a coupon. And since neither one of us had been there before…well…why not?


Upon sitting down I ordered a coffee. When the server asked if I wanted “everything” with it, I said yes…not realizing everything meant more than cream and sugar. How about whipped creme and chocolate shavings. YES PLEASE. FANCY!




I made the WRONG decision to go simple and order a small piece of prime rib. The asparagus and potatoes AMAZING. Prime Rib, was fine…until I had a bite of this…


Holy heck. HWMMS ordered the porterhouse. Oh. My. Goodness. The porterhouse was amazing. In fact the only thing HWMMS said could make it better would be if the baked potato that was propping up the porterhouse, was replaced with a filet mignon. Steak propped by steak, something to think about eh?

And just when I thought the dinner couldn’t get any better?


I had my very first crème brûlée. WHAT ON EARTH TOOK ME SO LONG? Heavenly.

So yeah, FANCY STEAK. Very good decision. Loved E.B. Green’s and HWMMS already decided that is where he wants to go for his birthday this year. :)

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