I love spray paint, what crafty gal doesn’t?

The only problem is HWMMS loves me and knows I love spray paint and also knows I’m a messy kind of gal. This is why I’m not allowed to paint the walls (despite the fact I painted the last 10 apartments I’ve been in before meeting him…)

While we were shopping the other day, he actually removed the cans of spray paint I put in the shopping cart and put them back on the shelf! I however, would not be deterred…I just went and ordered online.

HWMMS: Honey, was that package for me?

Me: Nope.

(Never asked what was IN the package mind you…)

While HWMMS went to work on the Ransomville house today I got out my secret stash of spray paint and went to work.

I started with projects I knew HWMMS would approve once he saw them completed. (Baby steps.)

A few plant stands, some trivets around the kitchen, lampshade. No more fireplace brass!

A giant ladder to use in the bathroom for a towel rack.

Yeah, I figure he would approve.

HWMMS: Um, I wish you didn’t paint that lamp black, that was one of mom’s favorite lamps.

Me: Nice try, that’s MY LAMP.

Of course little did I know…the ladder I picked to paint? Um, it wasn’t the ricketly ladder…it was the good ladder. Oops. I have to do something wrong every time, right?

What’s your favorite way to use spray paint?

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