In our dining room we have a china cabinet. In our china cabinet, we now have china unpacked from HWMMS’ parents and a few pieces from his grandparents. I made it past the first test by placing them in the actual china cabinet instead of packed away in boxes where they have lived for decades. Now, will I be able to use them to entertain without breaking them? THAT will be my real test of adulthood.

Pure. Heaven. French. Press. Coffee.

French press coffee. For some odd* reason HWMMS made french press coffee before heading out to his meeting tonight.


Why on earth haven’t we been using this? Keurig is fast and versatile, a different flavour in every cup. Our regular old coffee maker works well when guests are over…but the french press…pure decadence.

*Ok, the odd reason is because he was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast a while back and some coffee snob was talking about this amazing brew which HWMMS sought out while he was away this past weekend and bought. He felt this brand needed something MORE, not just the brew your own K-Cup and not the regular old coffee maker.

Today in “Adventures of Unpacking Our Own Personal Estate Sale”

We found good stuff today!!!


Silver wine glasses!


Gma Brown’s Inkwell Collection


Mama Weber’s Purse Collection! (ARE YOU KIDDING ME! THESES ARE DIVINE! Photo didn’t come out but there’s a silver brown, red, black and navy blue bag! SQUEEE!)


And way too many James Galway CDs…I pulled them out from two boxes of well, quite frankly the easy of easiest nature sounding classical easy listening CDs. While working at the BPO I was able to meet Sir James Galway twice, along with his wife Lady Jane. He is quite a character.


Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House of WNY

Everyone has saved pop-tabs for charity at one point in time, right?

Do you still do it? Could you still do it?

po Tabs bo

The Ronald McDonald House of WNY needs our help!

Start Popping Your Tops and Help Our Families!

You can make a difference by saving the aluminum pull tabs from your beverage cans, vegetable and soup cans and pet food containers. Pop tabs are recycled and the money purchases household items for the Ronald McDonald House. This program is a perfect way to help the nearly 600 families that annually stay at the Ronald McDonald House while their child is sick or injured in a Buffalo hospital.


PLEASE start collecting your tabs today! And the next time you see me or Erin or are near the Ronald McDonald House, drop them off for a good cause!

It’s the little things…

Give a little bit! Make a difference.

Thank you.

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!

I believe I’m at the point where all the seeds are now started!


Main Greenhouse Area


New Greenhouse Area (on the other side of the balcony.)


And my attempt at a few indoor seeds that are now plants hanging out in the foyer.

One of these days I’ll share the list, but right now I’m still working on the layout plan and planting spreadsheets.

Mercado Revolution: Artisanal Market & Dining for Buffalo

If everyone in WNY who saw this post took one minute of their time to share…or five minutes of their time to donate to this cause…IMAGINE HOW DELICIOUS OUR FUTURE WILL BE!

Mercado Revolution: Artisanal Market & Dining for Buffalo


…just a few hours left to say YOU were a backer from the start!