More seeds. BECAUSE I HAVE AN ADDICTION PROBLEM. Thank you Remy at the Sample Seed Shop for the fast shipping and amazing prices!


I was VERY EXCITED to see this wee little eggplant growing today! I’ve NEVER had success growing eggplants. I’ve tried by seed and nothing, I’ve even tried a few plants and nothing but this year the plants I bought seem to be growing! HURRAH!

Our peas are a-growing still…
Beans are starting to climb in the porch garden!
I picked all the garlic scapes today, I let them go too long and most of the stalk was hard but the rest of them I chopped up and threw in with the potato soup made with homemade ham stock.  YUM.
And I picked the few pretty pink calla lilies. Honestly, I’m not sure where they came from…I like pink but haven’t ordered any pink flowers and I certainly didn’t intend on putting them in the red/white/yellow spring garden bed. After I cut them I dug up the bulbs and threw them in a planter for the pool room.


I know the photo is blurry but it was the best I could capture. I’d never seen anything like it. Quite beautiful actually, but freaky. Almost radioactive colored. What the heck is it?

A little research led me to this conclusion. Welcome the Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle to Your Garden A beneficial little bugger that lives in the woods. Yep, I live in the woods. Bring it on little six-spotted tiger beetle, eat all those bad bugs!

One of the onions bolted. Bad onion.
Beetles are attacking the potted strawberries. I hate these things. I have to pluck them off by hand and then crunch them away from the plant. So gross. They don’t seem to be bothering the other plants too much though.
And here is my friend the slug. Slimy little things. I only found a few in the peas today…none in the main garden.


Violets. Oh I love you. I’m sorry I have killed approximately 1027 of your siblings in my lifetime, but I will continue to buy more and attempt to keep you looking beautiful.

I’ve been planting and planting and planting and planting and well, the fact of the matter is not everything blooms when planted. And since this is my first year exploring our new homestead and the quirks of the soil and drainage, well…I’ve had a lot of failures. A Master Gardener I am not.

So, it is with a little bit of garden depression that I share with you my June 2014 updates.

Front Yard Perennial Garden

Ah, such potential.

Perennials 2014
Over half of the bulbs and seeds between the bushes have not germinated, maybe they are waiting until next Spring? I dunno. I’m pretty disappointed. The photo above is one of the rare exceptions of green. I didn’t expect flowers the first year, but I thought they would at least grow. Wrong.

Perennials 2014
AND same thing with the pretty perennial flower bushes, only about half of them have leaves.

Perennials 2014
Most of the bare root bushes still look like bare roots. Sadly this includes the 12 elderberry bushes as well. I’m devastated. Not that they were expensive, I bought them through the Erie County Conservation Program for about $1 a piece, but still.

Blackberry June 2014 Red Raspberry June 2014
The blackberry and red raspberry bushes are doing well, at least the ones that weren’t bare roots to begin with.

Garden June 2014
Patio Blueberries

2014-07-03 16.26.57
And the wee holly bushes I bought on super clearance after Christmas…thriving.

Herb Garden

The herb garden is going pretty well. All the herbs I transplanted from the greenhouse that I started from seed managed to grow. However, the seeds I directly planted—NADA. Sage, forget it. Basil, nope. Chives, ha. I had to buy plants. Failure.

Garden June 2014
Lime, Lettuce Leaf and Purple Basil

Garden June 2014
Parsley and Oregano

Garden June 2014
Dill and Chives

Garden June 2014
Cilantro (I just picked a ton!)

Garden June 2014
Pineapple Sage and Regular Sage

Garden June 2014

Garden June 2014

Garden June 2014

Garden June 2014
Toothache Plant and Spearmint

Garden June 2014

Garden June 2014
White Horehound

Garden June 2014

Garden June 2014

Porch Garden

The large garden plot wasn’t tilled until later in the season, so I planted veggies in the front porch garden this year.

Garden June 2014

Garden June 2014
Christmas Lima and Green Beans

Garden June 2014
Spinach and Black Beans

Garden June 2014
Wax Beans, Kale, Carrots and Radishes

Garden June 2014
Cannelini Beans and Lettuce

Garden June 2014
Purple Beans

Garden June 2014
Beets and Pole Beans

Garden June 2014
Asparagus (First Year)

And then there are the plants that live on the porch.

Garden June 2014
Lemon Balm, Lemon Germanium, Lemongrass and Elephant Ears

Side Porch Gardens

Garden June 2014
Zinnias and Sunflowers

Garden June 2014
Calla Lillies

Garden June 2014
Fall Planted Garlic

Garden June 2014
Red and White Onions

Garden June 2014

Main Garden

Ugh. This is the most depressing of all. I know that next month when I update I will be overflowing with goodies but for now, all I want it everything to grow. LET IT GROW, LET IT GROOOOOW! (Sing to the tune of Let It Go by Frozen…)

The following plants I tried to transplant into the garden and they failed: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Pumpkins, Spaghetti Squash, Cucumbers. The roots were too young? The soil too harsh? Who knows. But none of them took.

Tomato June 2014 Tomato June 2014
My Tomatoes did though…and several of them already have little babies growing! Also, I have a RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF TOMATO PLANTS. (Maybe 75?) Only a handful didn’t make it through the transplant.

Sweet Pepper June 2014

Sweet/Hot Peppers have been fighting a war with slugs, but seem to be winning over all. Sweet Peppers are from seed, the Hot Peppers bought as plants.

Sweet Corn June 2014

Sweet Corn. Meh, doing ok. But the Red Popcorn and Glass Gem Corn are lagging behind. (Knee Ankle high by the 4th of July?)

Gourd June 2014
Two of the Gourd plants that I started indoors are going crazy in the garden, but the other seeds never took. I just started another package this week.

Swiss Chard June 2014
Swiss Chard Plants. I planted two more rows by seed this week.

Kale June 2014
Kale Plants

Celery June 2014
Celery Plants

Garden June 2014 Yellow Squash June 2014
Only one Squash plant made it through the transplant. The babies next to it are Spaghetti Squash and Summer Squash

Garden June 2014
None of the Pumpkin transplants grew, so I had to buy a few plants.

Garden June 2014
Only a few of the Cucumber transplants grew, but there are more coming up from seed now.
Garden June 2014
Eggplant. I can’t get Eggplant to do squat by seed, so I bought several plant varieties. These poor babies are also suffering from some slug damage, but I’m hopeful.

Also planted but not shown here because they are hardly growing: More Spinach, More Potatoes, More Chard, More Radishes, Winter Squash, Kidney Beans, Leeks and Bunching Onions. Yep, I think that about covers the gardens.

I also have seeds germinating in the greenhouse for a later planting right now. Oh and more sweet peppers and tomatoes to put in the garden. Because I keep getting packages of free seeds when I order plants and I can’t say no to planting them.

How does YOUR garden grow? Am I the only one with June Garden Depression?


I just asked HWMMS how much it costs to pump and fix the septic tank (new filter, two new risers and lids, fixing the outlet pipe) and yelled HOLY SHIT!


Poop maintenance isn’t cheap my friends…especially since it APPEARS that our septic hasn’t been serviced since the house was built in 1998.


(Insert poop joke here.)

Yesterday we had the service people out for the 3rd time since buying our house a year ago to check on our central air…well, guess what. It’s shot. SURPRISE. Looks like the mice made it to the compressor or something…

Mice? Yeah. Previously seen on All Things Jennifer: So this is why our air conditioner wasn’t working…


Guess who isn’t paying $3000 to get that fixed anytime soon?

Instead, I’m browsing The Amazon for a new window unit for the bedroom. And a few box fans for the upstairs windows. But for the most part, we spend almost all our time outdoors or in the pool room/basement entertainment room or sleeping in the Summer so this added expense can wait.

That is until our first 90+ degree day where I become a miserable wench.

United Stuff of America

Hey history lovers! Check out the premiere of  UNITED STUFF OF AMERICA on the H2 network! Saturday June 14th at 10pm where WNY’s very own HipHughesHistory (Keith Hughes, Mr. Fit!) is making his boob tube premiere!

Get your DVR ready to go! And help spread the word by inviting your friends! There’s a Facebook Event set up right here to make it easy to remember!


YouTube Preview

episode 1

garden 2014

Above the the large garden we plan on fencing in to keep the beasts out! :)

And so far this is what we have planted…

June 5th:
Beans: Cannelini, Cherokee Black, Wax, Green, Purple, Lima and Christmas Lima
20 Sweet Peppers
40 Cabbage
20 Hills of Cucumbers: White Wonder, Marketmore, Bush Pickle
100 Buttercrunch Lettuce
36 Climbing Trip-L- Crop Tomatoes
Chinese Broccoli
Van Gogh Mix Sunflowers.

June 3rd:
White Horehound
42 Tomato Plants: Amish Paste, Polish Dwarf, Polish Linguisa, Rinaldo, Santa Maria and Sophie’s Choice

June 2nd:
4 hazelnut
10 blackberry
8 red raspberry
4 juneberry
12 elderberry bushes
HWMMS finished the garden fence poles and made the compost bin.

May 19th:
Milk Thistle
Lily of the Valley
Shasta Daisies
Pink Peonies
Lilatris Spicata

May 13th:
4 lilac bushes
4 butterfly bushes
4 beautyberry bushes
4 rugusa rose bushes
4 ninebark bushes
12 pots of creeping philox
a basket of mixed perennials
4 dahlias
2 holly bushes
lemon geraniums
lemon balm
lemon basil

potted lemon tree
potted lime tree
potted orange tree

May 6th:
snap peas
telephone peas
three bags of wildflowers
red/white peonies.

Or as HWMMS likes to call me “HeatMiser.”


The color is not CHRISTINA HENDRICKS RED, mostly because my hair is just too dark to get to that color right now. I have this odd bottom layer of dark black dye from about a year ago that is stubbornly holding on for dear life…this haircut got rid of most of it, thinned my hair out in the back too, but there’s still some at the bottom to grow out.

I’ve been to the salon ONCE to get my hair colored…again, I chose red. That was 10 years ago? I forget how 1. expensive and 2 time-consuming getting one’s hair done really is. I swear, if I get two cuts a year that last 15 minutes I’m lucky. I suppose I’m pretty low-to-no maintenance when it comes to my hair. So spending 3.5 hours yesterday at the salon, drove me a little bit batty.

However, I love the end result. I tried to get a good angle under the light for this photo…I succeeded because I don’t think I’ve recreated this look since taking the photo. :)

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