Do you know what this is?

Why that would be a giant ladder that HWMMS bought at Lowe’s so we, and by we I mean he can start painting our house! Wheeeeeee! Of course this ladder still isn’t tall enough to reach the ceiling in the foyer or pool room, but it is a very, very good start. And a heftier investment than I thought, so if anyone needs a very tall ladder, let us know.

Pretty Baskets

I’m ALWAYS looking for a good deal…so when I found these adorable baskets at the Christmas Tree Shops, I just knew I had to get them and I had the perfect plan.


I think they look pretty in the foyer, don’t you?

Now, I sort of wish I picked up a few more. I believe they were $6 and $8.

Bambi: The ENEMY!

I casually walk past the front door and windows on my way to the bathroom and sneak a glance outdoors of two eyes on some large object standing on the steps. Freaked out I turn around and see not one, not two or three…but SIX FREAKING DEER right near the front steps/porch. GOOD GRIEF! WHERE DID THEY HIDE DURING HUNTING SEASON WHEN WE HAD FRIENDS OUT IN THE WOODS?

We have plans to use the 20 or so feet on each side of the front steps as a vegetable garden using the porch as a trellis…THINKING the deer won’t come as close to our front porch as they will where the main SOON TO BE FENCED IN garden will be closer to the pond.

Now, I wonder…

I think we’re gonna need to get a big barky hunting type dog or two sooner than later…

Bad, bad Bambi.

Handy Husband


This is a little motto HWMMS wrote on his workbench. Adorable, right?

Today was a good plumbing day at the Weber Homestead. HWMMS replaced the never working garbage disposal (although we don’t use it too often because we try to compost, but it still needed to be replaced the water would sometimes not go down.) AND he fixed the leaky kitchen pipe and a pipe on the sink in his workroom and replaced the guts of the toilet on the main floor so it won’t keep running and wasting water after being flushed.

Damn I’m a lucky woman.

He also mounted the two fans on the ceiling of the greenhouse area off the balcony.


I’ve spent most of yesterday and this afternoon starting seeds, transplanting seeds I started the other week and repotting houseplants. There’s just something about playing with dirt that turns me on. I wonder what I did before I rediscovered my love of all things plants?

We also spent time together in the kitchen cooking this evening, tis nice to have a kitchen large enough to do that.

Now, if it could just get a little warmer so we can open the windows and start painting the inside of the house!

Bacon Desserts

HWMMS and I attended a dinner party this past weekend where everyone had to bring a dish that included the features ingredient of: BACON.

So many choices! What to bring?

I opted to bring BACON DESSERTS.


Maple Walnut Bacon Biscotti and Chocolate Chip Bacon Biscotti.


Bacon Pretzel Brownies

My first time experimenting with bacon in desserts, and if I do say so myself…it went pretty tasty. :)