Chieftains with the BPO


Friday Night my two favorite men from Philly came into town and we all headed over to Kleinhans Music Hall to see the Chieftains play with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. You can read the review from the Buffalo News here: Chieftains know how to fuel the Irish heartbeat.


What the reviewer failed to mention was the local band The LeftOvers performing on the Mary Seaton Room stage pre-concert for a VIP reception and post-concert for a giant ol’ kickoff to St. Paddy’s weekend.


Of course, I happen to be personal friends with the band, but that doesn’t matter. They rock. Above is a pic of me and my girl Lizzy.


And I got to see old former co-worker friends of mine, which makes me happy. The photo above only shows the top of my fancy green dress, which is a V-Neck Fit and Flare Taylor Dress. So. In. Love. I thought it fit my plus size body perfectly and actually gave me shape, I’m wearing it again for the theater this weekend so I’ll try to get a full length shot.


Yep, a fun kickoff to the weekend…dark blurry photo means time to go home…to drink at the Weber Bar and watch Boondock Saints.

Annie Cat

I spent 20 minutes with an upholstery attachment on this chair the other day. It was COVERED in orange kitty hair.

Not more than an hour later, Annie Cat went right back to the chair.


HWMMS solution? Put a cover on the chair.

To which I replied “so I can be an old crazy cat lady?”

Too late. Too late.

How many of you confess to covering your furniture? (HWMMS said we would take off the covers when guests are present, but still.)

Sourdough Bread

Did you know that all you need to make a sourdough bread starter is flour and water?

Seriously, that’s it. Flour. Water. 1/4 or 1/3 or 1/2 cup of each, stored in a jar left to ferment. Feed it the same amount daily for 8-10 days when it is super bubbly and then use it to bake bread! If you don’t want to keep feeding it everyday you can put it in the refrigerator to halt growth.


I’ve been experimenting with different sourdough bread recipes and while the breads I’ve made so far are, well, so-so. I somehow need to make them EXCELLENT. Don’t get me wrong, the bread soaks up soup like a champ and is good enough, but I want it BETTER.


HWMMS thought that perhaps not mixing it as long…I think I need to make larger loaves.

I’m soooo trying these next: Sourdough English Muffins.

Laundry Room Update

I previously blogged about my dislike for the laundry room in our new house being part of the mudroom area right off the kitchen. I really thought I wanted to have laundry in the basement, it felt odd seeing the washer and dryer when you first walked in the door. However since LIVING in our new home HAVING A LAUNDRY ROOM ON THE FIRST FLOOR IS A DREAM. And we don’t even have kids yet. I can’t imagine how grateful I’ll be once little ones are around!

HWMMS built a long coat rack for the mudroom and a shelf above the washer and dryer a few months ago. One of these days (when he is out of the house…) I plan on painting the shelves, but for now they are just plain ol wood.


The newest addition involved a simple fix of getting a long shower tension rod and two shower curtains (the pattern is Lenox Chirp, which I have been in love with for YEARS but HWMMS doesn’t like for plates but didn’t have a care about the curtains.) Now you can’t see the appliances OR the piles of unfolded clothes on top of everything! Hurrah!

One question though…I moved the silly little artwork pieces from a postage stamp hanging to one straight line…whatta think?

Poor trees…


Yes some of these little trees were already tipped over, but that nice tall one? Brand new. Thank you Blizzard Vulcan!

Looks like a game of pick up sticks in our woods!

Yesterday, it was warm enough for me to open a few windows to let the air in…the cats were outside and I saw the mums on the porch for the first time since before Thanksgiving. Today? The driveway has a foot of NEW SNOW. I love love love snow and I LOVE living in Springville where it really snows…however I never would have expected moving to the SNOWTOWNS during the SNOWIEST WINTER in 100 years. Crazy, eh?


Just for fun, here’s a picture of where our little car lives during the snowy days when we can’t get it up the driveway. We won’t have this car next winter for sure, can’t take it out most days!


And here’s a photo of the house after I walked down to get the mail this afternoon…hence the reason why we can’t get the car up the driveway, silly house on a hill.

Spray Paint = Jenny Happiness

I started a few projects this morning since the air was warm enough to leave the garage door open for a while…


I love spray paint. I’m transforming an old coffee holder/sifter that I purchased off Ebay a while ago, we had one growing up…it’s all about the nostalgia. Actually, I’m giving the finished product to Lil Brother so he can store his coffee for his Bunn-O-Matic since we are a Keurig household.

While unpacking, HWMMS found plain white stone coasters monogrammed with W. I decided red would make those little guys shine.

And the last bit? A crate that held tangerines. I’m going to use it for plants in the pool room. (That blue color is the official color of the Weber Pool Room.)

Shhhhhh. Don’t tell Winter Storm Vulcan…

…inside my balcony greenhouse? My plants are THRIVING.


See this Lavender plant? Surely it thinks it’s Spring. She’s growing so fluffy! (And I to date have not been successful with Lavender by seed, this one I bought as a wee plant a month or two ago and it has already tripled in size!)


And my potato plants? For the love of spuds, these plants have been growing out of control. I mean FEED ME SEYMOUR LITTLE SHOP OF HORROR GROWTH. You can’t tell from the photo but the big plant is in a 20 gallon grow bag. Once we put new grow lights in the greenhouse area I swear the plant grew 2 feet. I’ve been taking the vine and leaves and burying them while mounding up the soil along the stem, we will see. HWMMS decided to try the other two 5 gallon bags with potatoes as well…they also are quite hardy. So far so good…


The daffodils in the garage are quite confused, they are coming up and blooming with just a little bit of light on the side window. Silly flowers have no idea another foot of snow is planning on falling this week.

Now I just have to start my seeds!