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I guess the gardening can wait another hour or two…

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It’s wonderful and exhausting that the people who owned this land for 10 years before we bought it did ZERO landscaping.

Today, HWMMS did the tough work of tilling…about 180ft along the creekside perimeter of the front lawn, in 85 degree heat WHICH WAS HIS CHOICE not mine. I stayed indoors and out of the sun. Geez, where’s SPRING? 85 is way too hot for May. WAY TOO HOT. Anyhow, I love this photo…HWMMS looks like he’s about to start a revolution…or kick me in the butt for taking this photo. I think he looks adorable.

After the tilling was done, I planted 4 lilac bushes, 4 butterfly bushes, 4 beautyberry bushes, 4 rugusa rose bushes, 4 ninebark bushes, 12 pots of creeping philox, a basket of mixed perennials, 4 dahlias, 2 holly bushes, clematis plant, beets, parsnips, and kale. And 4 lemon geranium potted plants for the porch.

Oh and potted lemon, lime and orange trees for the pool room.

My vision? To take this woefully unlandscaped area along the creekside perimeter of the front lawn (the photo above was from last year at our closing date) and turn it into a gorgeous cottage garden for butterflies and bumblebees filled with bushes and blooms and tons and tons and tons of perennials over the years (all blue, purple, pink, white shades…)

Something like this…

Purple Garden


Do you know how hard it is for me to keep a secret? Especially from day zero!?

Many moons ago, after sending out a Press Release for one of the upcoming Roller Derby bouts, an old acquaintance Newell Nussbaumer wrote back to me and asked who would be the person in charge to discuss a possible business arrangement. In crazy universal aligning happenstance, HWMMS was chairing the secret committee for Alternative Venues at that exact moment! Newell and HWMMS talked. HWMMS brought the information to the Board and many, many, many months of meetings and the hard work of QCRG members and Riverworks supporters later…

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about our big move here!
Very, very, very, very exciting! For those not (yet) in the Queen City Roller Girls Roller Derby world, this move to Riverworks is comparable to what HARBORCENTER means for Hockey. Huge, Buffalo. H-U-G-E.

If there EVER has been a day to jump on a bandwagon, today would be that day for you to LIKE the Queen City Roller Girls on Facebook!

Major press announcement this morning—informational session tonight at Rainbow Rink for those interested in learning more about becoming a member—-and SO SO SO CLOSE to 10,000 FANS WE CAN TASTE IT!

What are you waiting for?


MAY! It’s MAY and I don’t even have all the early Spring seeds and plants in the ground yet! Where does the time go?

Today I planted peas, spinach, lettuce, carrots, radishes, asparagus and potatoes. Also three bags of wildflowers and red/white peonies.

I have a lot to go…and like I said, this is just the early group!

YELLOW=Need to Plant

Asparagus Jersey Giant
Asparagus Purple Passion
Beet Cylindra
Beet Golden
Beet Ruby Queen
Broccoli Early Calabrese
Cabbage Early Drumhead
Carrot Little Finger
Cauliflower Self-Blanche
Garlic, Early Italian
Kale Nero Di Toscana
Lettuce Amish Deer Tongue
Lettuce Aurora Mixed Orach
Lettuce Buttercrunch
Lettuce Mild Gourmet Mix
Mustard, Deep Purple
Onion Crystal White Pearl
Onion Green Bunching
Onion Red Comred
Onion Stuttgarter Yellow
Parsnip All American
Pea Sugar Snap
Pea Tall Telephone
Pea Wando
Potato, Kennebec
Potato, Red Pontiac
Potatoes All Blue
Potatoes Goldrush Russet
Potatoes Rose Finn Apple
Radish Early Scarlet
Spinach Bloomsdale

And this is the list of seeds/plants I have in waiting after Memorial Day!

Basil Fine Verde
Basil Genoveses
Basil Lemon
Basil Lettuce Leaf
Basil Purple
Bean Bush Cannelino
Bean Bush Cherokee Wax
Bean Bush Green
Bean Bush Kidney
Bean Bush Lima
Bean Bush Purple Queen
Bean Pole Cherokee
Bean Pole Christmas Lima
Corn Butter and Sugar
Cucumber Bush Pickle
Cucumber Marketmore 78
Cucumber White Wonder
Eggplant Rosa Bianca
Eggplant Tsakonaki
Gourd Birdhouse
Gourd Loofah
Milk Thistle
Peanut, Jumbo Virginia
Pepper Tobago Seasoning
Popcorn Strawberry
Pumpkin Big Max
Pumpkin Jack Be Little
Soybean Envy
Squash Spaghetti
Squash Summer Mix
Sweet Bell Pepper Mix
Tomato Amish Paste
Tomato Polish Dwarf
Tomato Polish Linguis
Tomato Red Currant
Tomato Rinaldo
Tomato Santa Maria
Tomato Solanirum
Tomato Sophie’s Choice
Zucchini Black

Hmmm. Flowering in May, eh?

Now that we are in our forever home, surrounded by land and woods we are going to start reforesting with new trees.

My brother told me about the Erie County Conservation Tree and Shrub Seedling Sale which makes it easy AND CHEAP to buy lots of trees! (Can you say about $1 a piece?) Of course we took full advantage of the sale this year. We have a TON of work to do in our woods the next few years, clearing and cutting, however we want to get started on reforesting with profitable wood as soon as possible. Equity. Someday our future children will thank us…also yes, I did just say the words “profitable wood” and laughed like a teenage boy.

Our 2014 loot includes:

2 Black Cherry
2 Butternut
10 Black Walnut
2 Chinquapin Oak
2 Hazelnut
2 Pin Oak
2 Red Oak
10 Sugar Maple
10 Streamco Willow

2 American Larch
2 Blue Spruce
2 Douglas Firs
2 Fraser Fir
2 Norway Spruce
4 White Pine

12 Elderberry
2 Raspberry
2 Serviceberry

2 Beautyberry Bush
2 Butterfly Bush
4 Lilac Bush
2 Ninebark

10 Rugusa Rose


…ala Gma Baker style…(clean out the refrigerator and throw stuff together!)

Since it’s Cinco De Mayo and all I figured I’d try to keep with the theme for lunch/dinner tonight. After browsing my Pinterest Foodie board I settled on Creamy Chicken Enchilada Soup. Of course I didn’t actually use the recipe, I just improvised.

I started with grabbing two chicken breasts and leftover chicken drumsticks. I tossed the chicken in the pan with some olive oil and sauteed with onions, salt, pepper, garlic, cherry tomatoes and cumin. After the chicken was cooked I added homemade chicken stock and celery and simmered. I found a half can of tomato sauce and salsa in the refrigerator and dumped that in the pan as well. Finally, I took the shredded cabbage we had leftover and threw that in as well.

Colorful, right? Smelled amazing while cooking down…

After about 30 minutes I skimmed out half of the vegetables and broth and blended it in our new Ninja until thickened, then I took the rest of the broth and blended it with a block of cream cheese and threw it all in the crockpot.

Once in the crockpot on low I added black beans and corn.

A mishmash of delicious!

Sasha Kitten in his elderly wisdom has decided his favorite way to sleep is between our two pillows facing the wall.

Me: Where are you?

HWMMS: In the pantry.

Me: What are you doing hanging out IN the pantry?

HWMMS: Eating Nuts.


And at that moment, HWMMS peeks around the corner and gives me a mischievous glance and I instantly see our someday future 2 year old son looking back at me. Hopefully the kiddo will have that fantastic thick, lush curly hair.

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