Jon Snow + Sword > Daryl Dixon + Crossbow

I’m not sure I would be able to handle Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead at the same time.

And as soon as I wrote this on Facebook, my wise friend Tom asked…

So, did you order a Jon Snow cardboard cut out yet?


Enter the Google.


SCORE! Look what I found! Maybe I should buy him and he can stand next to Daryl.


Do I or do I not?

Our friends Colleen and Ellen came over this weekend for dinner…and they gifted me with plants from their gardens! (Thank you ladies!)

And today, ah, today we went to Lowe’s…and what appeared before my eyes? Clearance plants! $1 a piece!

Since we have a ridiculous amount of border landscaping to tend to up and down our driveway, we bought a dozen.

HWMMS tilled the side garden where the garlic/onions will live. I planted 300 garlic cloves and 200 onions this afternoon. And then he tilled the edging by the driveway and I put in 60 red gladiolus bulbs and 60 white gladiolus bulbs.

The season has JUST begun!

Ooooooooh! I LOVE a good bargain!

Our friend Colleen recommended a specific paint primer shellac from Sherwin-Williams to cover up our very dark walls (red in the living room, olive greenish brown in the kitchen and navy blue in the nursery) so after a quick search on the interwebs I found a 30% off coupon on $75 but the coupon expired THAT VERY DAY.

So off went…picked up the primer which was $$$ but not for the coupon (but WORTH it from the trusted recommendation) AND FOUND A SUPER DUPER DEAL for the walls of our kitchen!


(Our future Kitchen Inspiration Board)

A section of mistints/returns at the register labeled $5/gallon piqued out interest…SW Bee?

YES PLEASE! For the price of one gallon of fancy paint, we came home with 6 gallons instead. Of course, I’m pretty certain our kitchen does NOT need 6 gallons of paint, especially Sherwin-Williams brand paint. But for that price, we took advantage of the sale.

I now find myself wondering where else we can use this color…Perhaps in the large middle room upstairs? (Future Jenny Office/Studio/Living Space?)

Color Inspiration
Elegantly Yellow
Soft Glow Color Scheme
Serene and Natural


I can’t wait to seek out more $5 colors! How didn’t I know this was a possibility until now?

Me: Do I look ok?

HWMMS: Yeah, but are you going to be comfortable?

Me: They’re fishnet stockings, not anymore uncomfortable than any other pair of tights I wear.

Oh. Love. Found these while unpacking the rest of Mama Weber’s boxes this week.

HWMMS thought my work outdoors outfit was ridiculous this afternoon. I have no idea what he’s talking about. ;)

Kudos to the team who put this package together at One Kings Lane. I already planned on shopping with them in the future but this little added nicety sealed the deal..

Aw, thank you Tubby Cat. A SNAKE! A baby snake!

At first glance I thought it was a stringy hairball vomit patch, until the vomit patch moved of course.

Ah, Spring the season where Tubby Cat starts bringing innocent creatures, still alive, into the house as presents for his mama and papa. Meowing full of pride over his catch. I prefer the dead ones left outside the doorstep actually…

I took this purse to a meeting today. It was a present from MEESH for my 40th bday and it matched my pretty outfit. “Perhaps this very instant, is your time.” Hmmm. Something to ponder.

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