Shhhhhh. Don’t tell Winter Storm Vulcan…

…inside my balcony greenhouse? My plants are THRIVING.


See this Lavender plant? Surely it thinks it’s Spring. She’s growing so fluffy! (And I to date have not been successful with Lavender by seed, this one I bought as a wee plant a month or two ago and it has already tripled in size!)


And my potato plants? For the love of spuds, these plants have been growing out of control. I mean FEED ME SEYMOUR LITTLE SHOP OF HORROR GROWTH. You can’t tell from the photo but the big plant is in a 20 gallon grow bag. Once we put new grow lights in the greenhouse area I swear the plant grew 2 feet. I’ve been taking the vine and leaves and burying them while mounding up the soil along the stem, we will see. HWMMS decided to try the other two 5 gallon bags with potatoes as well…they also are quite hardy. So far so good…


The daffodils in the garage are quite confused, they are coming up and blooming with just a little bit of light on the side window. Silly flowers have no idea another foot of snow is planning on falling this week.

Now I just have to start my seeds!

Heart Attack Grill: Las Vegas!

Ah, Vegas. I’m actually only on Day #2 still but realized this place needed its own post.

WELCOME TO THE HEART ATTACK GRILL! Wandering up Fremont Street on our way to the Pawn Shop we passed by this place and knew it would be a MUST SEE, of course in our world that turned into late lunch a few hours later because we were too excited to see what was inside!

I was happy to learn that despite being obese, neither one of us were close to eligible for a free meal. Phew.

As soon as you walk in you see everyone wearing hospital gowns.  So silly. Obviously right up our alley. I also spied an IV full of WINE at the table next to me, and despite not being a lover of Chardonnay…

Anyone who knows me realizes it is impossible for me to turn down an IV of wine. Our “nurse” Lola set it up for me…

I think it took HWMMS about 2 minutes to fall in love with Lola. I mean, he had a MAD CRUSH going on…as soon as we realized if you don’t finish your burger, well…

Spanking occurs! There was no way HWMMS was going to finish his burger now, not with the love of his Vegas Fantasy Life Lola there waiting to spank him.

In addition to the wine IV we may or may not have had jello vodka shooters out of plastic penises…and personalized prescription pill bottles filled with shots of jager. My oh my day drinking in Vegas is a lot of fun!

The burger was AH-MAZ-ING. I ate every last bit and might have licked the tray. So no spanking for me right? Um, wrong. You see I kept accidentally spilling out my IV of wine everywhere, so I ended up being punished for being a bad, bad girl.

And HWMMS got his spanking, well…because when in Vegas…


Naptime, we have WHISKEYFEST next!

Mardi Gras Buffalo 2014, REALLY?

HWMMS never attended a Buffalo Mardi Gras celebration before, so what better time than the present right? My oh my, not only am I older (Hello 40!) but Buffalo is older too. What happened to my fun party city? Sure it’s a TUESDAY. Sure it’s COLD. But, but…I went to this party for years and years and well, this one was pretty snoozefest.

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Or maybe I didn’t drink enough? But the parade was teeny tiny and a bit boring.


HWMMS didn’t mind fetching the beads that were tossed…adorable photo, this makes up for the lame parade in my opinion.


The best part of the evening of course was the company! Our gorgeous fun friends Meg, Brian and Caren joined us out. Colorful fun pictures with friends! Hurrah! Later on we were joined by friends Joe and Brian. And I made a new friend named Jen, but she never friended me on Facebook after so I guess our friendship was short lived.


We started early for dinner at Gabe’s…and then headed to Colter Bay. Where as you can see above. NO ONE CARED ABOUT MARDI GRAS.


And then we went to Frizzy’s (because several of my friends had never visited the photo booth before!) Where you can see…not only did no one care about Mardi Gras, but no one was even really at the bar. Sigh…


Our next step was into the heart of Allentown to Nietzsche’s…and rounds of little orbs of delicious sweet lubricant…


Ahhhhhh, shots. Although who am I kidding. I’m this girl sober too. :)


Two more stops for the evening, over to Brick Bar and The Old Pink. HWMMS had a proper tour of my old haunts and they were all filled to the brim with people having lots of fun. By the time HWMMS crashed and told me it was time to leave, I was dancing with friends to Michael Jackson. Hahahaha. Who dances at the Pink? This girl.

Ah Mardi Gras…one of these days I still want to do it proper in NOLA.

Mac and Cheese of the Day: Hot Dog

The Buffalo Brewpub nailed it with their Mac and Cheese flavor of the night: Hot Dog.


Are you kidding me? I’M 12 YEARS OLD AGAIN AND HAPPY AS CAN BE!

Three out of eight dinner participants ordered said dish. Sentiment ruled.

Although truth be told, all I ate out of the dish was the hot dog. Mac and Cheese came out COLD and we had our waiter take them back…meh. But still…HOT DOG. Brilliant.