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Monday night when I went to bed I had a terrible case of vertigo, scary dizzy light-headedness that didn’t go away in the morning. And sort of faded in the afternoon but came back with a vengeance later that evening while I was lying in bed with my wee air conditioner on…

Going back a few weeks ago I noticed my allergies were really starting to act up while in my apartment, which was strange because they have been pretty inactive. After spending about 10 days away out with He Who Makes Me Smile I noticed it even more so I washed and cleaned all linens and blankets thinking it might be flea dirt from poor Simba Cat. But what I’m NOW realizing is all of these things are likely stemming from one problem, the air conditioner. The darn thing isn’t sitting in the window properly and has been has been drip drip dripping into my bedroom whenever on. I have a bowl to catch the water and a towel however…

Duh! MY APARTMENT IS FILLED WITH MOIST HUMID MOLD! No wonder I’m sneezy, headachy, and now dizzy! Here I was researching broken air-conditioners on the Google to see if they would be causing me to be dizzy and I kept finding links about MOLD and as He Who Made Me Smile said it is likely not the refrigerant since the unit is still producing cool air.

I need to get home and

1. Clean the heck out of everything! Bleach water!

2. Reposition the darn air conditioner to drip outside…or…else…not…use it. (GASP!)

Last night around 10pm I decided to stop being lazy and get off my tush. I took out to the curbside a broken shelf, a computer desk, a broken floor length mirror I was still using despite being cracked in 27 places and about 6 pairs of shoes and the old toaster oven and other assorted trash. No idea where the burst of energy came from…I was sitting there defleaing poor Simba Cat for over an hour brushing out massive amounts of fur and suddenly needed to clean the floors! And move things around! And put things in the trash! And start laundry! And scrub the bathtub!

All these things are good mind you but why am I only inspired to do them in the late evening?

My goal is to get crap organized so I’m ready when I make the move out to the country. :)

I also want to make the front room of the apartment into a studio type arrangement and move my bed out there and the wee air conditioner so all my living space is in one room. The kitty litter boxes when you first walk in the door isn’t very appealing I’m afraid, so I plan on moving those into the back bedroom area with the dressers and all other storage stuff.

It’s amazing actually, I know how much *physical stuff* I’ve let go of when I moved to the wee apartment. How on earth do I still find more? WHERE DOES IT ALL COME FROM?

Introducing the long wall of my front room.


Computer area on left. Cozy chair in middle. Storage cabinet in right corner.


Loveseat in front of the windows.


This past week I’ve been GRUMPY. Grumpy. Grumpy. *That time of the month* grumpy. Overworked. Tired. Poor. Unhealthy.

But I’ve been reading like a fiend. I’m at 12! :) (Which means 8 since Memorial Day Weekend.)

And I’ve been putting final touches on the apartment in my spare time. Last I left you with kitchen and bathroom goodness. I’ve since added a wall shelf with photos and a few more penguins to the kitchen area.

I hung a few shelves I painted in the bathroom (a light greenish color.)

And I started in the Office Space. Hmmm. I need a name for the Office Space (Spare Room.) When Erin and I lived together we called our NOT A DINING ROOM the *Inspiration Room* and living with my getting the milk for free partner our office was the *Middle Room* and now I need a new name…

The Office Space was the room where all the boxes found themselves. Most boxes needed to go to the attic (can you say Winter/Christmas decorations?) And many of the boxes I sorted out and purged just stuff… (seriously, I purged another entire large blue garbage bin of… stuff.) Going to the attic freaked me out because I heard something squeak-chirp in the walls. (Baby birdies? Mice? or BATS?) But I continued to bring up all the boxes (even the empty ones) JUST TO BE FINISHED.

Now the room looks terribly lonely, but at least organized. (For now.)

I’m hooking the internet up this week…finally.

And I moved the very very RED shelves I plan on hanging in the bedroom all in the same location.

I wanted the bedroom walls red, but landlord wants not so dark colors (bah) so I painted all the accessories instead. And a dresser…and I have a few pieces of black and white furniture as well,well…the room is not complete. Will take photos when completed.

Another project I decided on a whim involved the purging and organizing process of the Office Space moving into the hallway…I put up a picture mural. I’m in LOVE. I mean all those photos have been moved from box to box to box to apartment to box to apartment for years. I finally did something with them.

And now, off to read a book…

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