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I’ve been watching CNN all morning.

So, so tragic.

The videos…make me cry.

I can’t even being to imagine.


I could not believe my eyes. Why was this report on CNN? Was there not enough Michael Jackson coverage to go around?

Embedded video from CNN Video

Really? You REALLY didn’t know what to say? How about WHAT THE HECK LADY? Get OUT!

Poor CNN reporter. For shame.

There are so many things wrong with this video clip I don’t know where to start. Ok, that’s a lie.


1. CNN? Really? Cable News Network? And to think I once thought of you as, smart news. Years ago. Waaaay before the hologram.

2. “Our WHITE CAMERAMAN?” Oh Kyra, really?

3.  “Swagga is like Swagg-er with a little more flav-a?” This pains me.

Should I go on?

4. Hug. It. Out. (Does anyone have any bleach for my eyes, please?)

Thanks for the link Stallion. :)

Me: I HATE this hologram crap, seriously.

Dayna: What do you hate more? The hologram or $5 footloooong?”

Me; Oh God. I don’t know. I DON’T KNOW!

Dayna: What if the $5 footlong was a hologram and a dancing sub appeared?

I’m speechless.

PS. It’s that SONG that drives me nuts. NUTS I TELL YOU!

Jessica Yellin is hologramed into the CNN studio?



“Wolf, come into my room, that would be impressive.”

“It’s like Back to the Future 2 right before our eyes!”

My brother now plans on holograming himself and his moose pajamas and beer into All Things Jennifer.

Stay tuned.

God I miss Tim Russert.

Really John King? Akron: home of the lunchbucket, blue collar voter.

Wolf Blitzer on CNN is interviewing NBA All Stars about who they support for President? Celebrity. Ugh.

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