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grey skies

…means no internet out in the country. Sigh. Darn satellite internet.


I just asked HWMMS how much it costs to pump and fix the septic tank (new filter, two new risers and lids, fixing the outlet pipe) and yelled HOLY SHIT!


Poop maintenance isn’t cheap my friends…especially since it APPEARS that our septic hasn’t been serviced since the house was built in 1998.


(Insert poop joke here.)

I mentioned a few days ago that I planted a bunch of bushes: 4 lilac bushes, 4 butterfly bushes, 4 beautyberry bushes, 4 rugusa rose bushes, 4 ninebark bushes, 12 pots of creeping philox, a basket of mixed perennials, 4 dahlias.

Well, I finished up the area by planting flowers/herbs in between the bushes: Forget-Me-Nots, Columbines, Milk Thistle, Lily of the Valley, Bellflowers, Violas, Shasta Daisies, Echinacea, Pink Peonies, Anemone, Lavender, Lilatris Spicata, Delphinium and Salvia.

And then followed up with many bags of mulch.

Let’s see what grows!

Nope, not a giant rain vessel. (Also holy moly these are expensive!)

A new chainsaw! We have a ridiculous amount of dead/dying trees to chop down over the next few years. One in the middle of our future garden spot!

Oh, and then there was this tree in the front lawn. Not the first one on my list to chop down, but HWMMS did a good job getting it out of the way. (And the stump will be a future site for MUSHROOMS!)


Now that we are in our forever home, surrounded by land and woods we are going to start reforesting with new trees.

My brother told me about the Erie County Conservation Tree and Shrub Seedling Sale which makes it easy AND CHEAP to buy lots of trees! (Can you say about $1 a piece?) Of course we took full advantage of the sale this year. We have a TON of work to do in our woods the next few years, clearing and cutting, however we want to get started on reforesting with profitable wood as soon as possible. Equity. Someday our future children will thank us…also yes, I did just say the words “profitable wood” and laughed like a teenage boy.

Our 2014 loot includes:

2 Black Cherry
2 Butternut
10 Black Walnut
2 Chinquapin Oak
2 Hazelnut
2 Pin Oak
2 Red Oak
10 Sugar Maple
10 Streamco Willow

2 American Larch
2 Blue Spruce
2 Douglas Firs
2 Fraser Fir
2 Norway Spruce
4 White Pine

12 Elderberry
2 Raspberry
2 Serviceberry

2 Beautyberry Bush
2 Butterfly Bush
4 Lilac Bush
2 Ninebark

10 Rugusa Rose


I casually walk past the front door and windows on my way to the bathroom and sneak a glance outdoors of two eyes on some large object standing on the steps. Freaked out I turn around and see not one, not two or three…but SIX FREAKING DEER right near the front steps/porch. GOOD GRIEF! WHERE DID THEY HIDE DURING HUNTING SEASON WHEN WE HAD FRIENDS OUT IN THE WOODS?

We have plans to use the 20 or so feet on each side of the front steps as a vegetable garden using the porch as a trellis…THINKING the deer won’t come as close to our front porch as they will where the main SOON TO BE FENCED IN garden will be closer to the pond.

Now, I wonder…

I think we’re gonna need to get a big barky hunting type dog or two sooner than later…

Bad, bad Bambi.


We just drove up our curvy, hilly driveway in the middle of the woods and saw a dozen turkeys just hanging out. As we approached half went to the left and half went to the right. I lost count at about 13! GOBBLE GOBBLE!

And then because we stopped halfway up the curvy, hilly, slick and freezing cold and not yet salted driveway…our car got stuck in the snow. The first attempt of breaking free almost ended up rear ending a tree and the second attempt brought us close to the ditch.  And I wasn’t even the one driving!!!

This is gonna be lots of fun this winter…methinks the little Taurus won’t be seeing much action this season…Four Wheel Drive exclusively! Or maybe a tractor with a plow. It’s not too far into town.

Did I mention it is currently TOO COLD TO SNOW where we live? The ski lodges are going crazy making snow and will be ready to open this week, but at a balmy 16 degrees here at home…no snowflakes are falling. No excuses now, I’m taking down all things harvest and starting with the Christmas decorations instead.

If I knew that we would have the crappiest internet connection known since dial up when purchasing our house in the middle of the woods…I’d still choose the house in the middle of the woods. But I might think twice about it. At least once. Somehow this thought escaped me when we went under contract. Satellite internet? Whatever, it won’t be too bad.

Unless it rains, or snows or it gets windy. Or cloudy. Or humid.

Or if we go over the highest plan available data coverage for the month. At that point you might as well not even try. Enter the neverending land of spinny-spin-spinville. Drives me batty. I don’t even want to admit how much we pay for this top tired high usage plan and yet between HWMMS and myself we probably could likely use up two of these plans per month.

After midnight, data is free. Although I don’t stop uploading photos to my blog whenever I decide on a whim. I’m not that desperate! Hahaha. So I now am the person who waits for a certain time of night to upload pictures from my desktop to Flickr. Which is the same time I should be going to bed. The state of the internet at our house is to blame for my late, late night surfing. (Lies.)

Sucky. But what can you do? At least the view out the window while I wait for Gmail to load for ten minutes is nice. Did I say ten? Try twenty.

2013-10-14 13.28.29 10284471425_f46ab2e769_z

I can’t get enough of the view from our porch…this is the creek side of our front lawn. (The other is the pond side.)

Kevin Costner was wrong in Field of Dreams when he said heaven was in Iowa.

Previously on All Things Jennifer: Oh how I wish I had a pond…


…and now I get to experience where the joke comes from. At least once a week I stop for the free range chickens crossing the road.

Did I mention I love where I live?


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