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“I’m afraid you’re just too darn loud…”

Grammys…I’m afraid…

1. I just don’t understand award show performances. Half naked spin, spin, spinning and lip-syncing from the ceiling? It’s all about the MUSIC right?

2. I have no idea what a Twitter Dress is all about. I mean where’s the streaming feed? I don’t see it. Or get it.  Or care.

3. I’m just not down with the peas.

4. I’m not gonna make it much longer. OLD! (Shakes fist!)

5. That’s what a woman? with a $ in her name looks like!

6. I have no idea who these performers are…

7. Taylor Swift and phenomenal in the same sentence might be pushing it, a little.  Oh poor, poor, pop starlet…why would you sing on stage with a legend like Stevie Nicks and think it will make you look good?


So young…

So talented!

I had the chance to see the 17 year old violin prodigy Caroline Goulding perform with the BPO this weekend.

Goose bumps.

I cringed when watching her rest her Strad under her chin…look no hands! All I could think of was how expensive the instrument she plays must be and when I was 17 I could hardly be trusted with something worth $100 let alone six figures. Even at 36 I wouldn’t want to get close enough to breathe on one of those violins! You did see the story about the woman who fell into the Picasso right?

Anyhow, Caroline is up for a GRAMMY TONIGHT for her CD.

Best Instrumental Soloist Performance (Without Orchestra)

Caroline Goulding

I’m keeping a close eye out for a win…

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