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I love my city. Buffalo, NY!

The Best Cities For Working Mothers 2011

Wow. Forbes magazine’s website had 3 annoying pop-up ads I had to close to get to this link. Uncool.

“Buffalo, NY, rocketed from last year’s No. 10 spot to become FORBES 2011 No. 1 Best City For Working Mothers, knocking several other cities—including last year’s No. 1, New York City, from the top 10. Buffalo is home to one of Working Mother’s best companies, State University of New York at Buffalo, where employees are given a generous 28 weeks of job-guaranteed time off when they give birth, father or adopt a child.”

From the Buffalo News: Forbes ranks Buffalo best for those juggling children and a career

Aside: Dang, I need to get a job at UB or Roswell Park!

Miss you Gma.

Mother’s Day. Father’s Day. Sigh…

I miss Gma Baker. And Gma Smith too.

These holidays are hard for those of us who have lost ones we love. Yes, I have my mommy still. (Hi Mom!) But in general, they just make me sad and remember those who are gone, which in my life means…well, quite a lot of family members.

God Bless You All.

Happy Mother’s Day

Are there words to describe how beautiful these moments are?


I’ve been wrangling these feelings for a while now…my soul is SCREAMING one thing and my mindtelling me another. The fact remains, when I hear news that a friend is having a baby…all I can think of is needing one of my own. Not want, need. I can’t really deny the gut reaction and the tears, I mean I CAN deny, but how much longer?

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From the Twitter Newsletter. (Something I didn’t even realize I subscribed to!) CALLING ALL TWITTER MOMS!

The Ultimate List of Moms on Twitter

We’ve noticed a trend of parents twittering the moments of their baby’s birth so we know there are some new moms on Twitter. Are you a mom on Twitter? Is your own mom on Twitter?

I can really, really see the appeal to moms to use Twitter. I mean I find myself using it much more than I ever thought I would. Once upon a time, I ran to All Things Jennifer for the mundane updates on life, now I tend to fit them in spurts of 140 characters throughout the day. So Heck yeah, new Moms? Seasoned Moms? (And Dads too!) I see the appeal.

Oh and by the way, I totally expect to be the person *dictating* someone else to update my Twitter feed/ blog during childbirth. I might be leaning more and more towards the concept as childbirth being natural as possible…which is something that in and of itself terrifies me, who am I? Do I know myself AT ALL? I will not be able to handle the pain! I will not end up wanting to pump at all hours. I certainly will not love washing out the poopy cloth diapers, And I’m certain there will be hours at a time where I will want to plop the little guy in front of the boob tube (and I’m not talking the DD’S.)

Dear God.

I’m far too selfish and totally not ready to be that person! Sometimes I think Mark is terrified at the volume of baby/parenting/pregnancy books that go through my fingertips and right to my brain. But really? All this reading is only doing one thing, solidifying the fact that I am certainly not ready to be a mom. I can’t even get my ass in baby-making-shape and change my pathetic lazy unhealthy habits…

Wait, I was saying something up there… ;)

“I might be leaning towards the concept as childbirth being natural as possible” however…I will be technologically connected as possible as well. I’m gonna have to find a “blogwife” instead of a midwife (or in addition to a midwife I should say, not that I’m sold on that concept completely) A “blog dictation” nurse instead of a night nurse. Oh wait, that’s only for the wealthy…yeah anyhow.

Twitter, it’s where it’s at. The end.

Trend: Pretty Babies

“I’ve actually been joking that I’m going to write a book called Where Has All the Pubic Hair Gone?” Janice Hillman, a doctor in the Penn Health System at Radnor who specializes in adolescent medicine, tells me. “It’s such a rarity to find it these days in 10- and 12-year-old girls, and older girls. I need to check for it at that age — it’s an indicator of puberty and development, how much there is, where it’s growing. And now, I need to ask girls, if it’s not there, ‘Do you wax? Do you shave?’ Because so many of them do.”

A rarity? Really? Who are this doctor’s patients? I get the whole interviewing the ultra rich spa treatment peeps for this story, but a doctor in adolescent medicine saying it’s a rarity makes me wonder where the hell she’s working.

From the show “Jon & Kate Plus 8


That’s all.

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