Sasha Kitten

Happy Monday Morning in the Garden with the Kitties!

Um, for some reason I was OUT OF BED at 8am. On my own, willingly…with nowhere to go! I grabbed a cup of coffee, checked the interwebs and then spent 2 hours on my knees…(that’s what she said) IN THE GARDEN. Who the heck am I?

Kitties in the Garden

Sasha Kitten joined me this lovely morning. He tends to visit me in the garden often and has become VERY territorial over his mama time and will NOT allow Tubby Cat anywhere near. It’s quite humorous, since Tubby Cat pretty much rules the entire outdoors.

Kitties in the Garden Kitties in the Garden 

Kitties in the Garden Kitties in the Garden

Oh oh!

Kitties in the Garden

Time to stop playing and start patrolling!

Kitties in the Garden Kitties in the Garden


I’m telling you THIS is the kind of drama I want to wake up to on a Monday morning…

Sasha Kitten without Simbers

Sasha Kitten is missing is big brother Simba Cat. The first few days he seemed to go in and out, in and out, in and out looking for him…and confused when he couldn’t find him.

Since those first few days he has become very vocal. More vocal than normal (and both my boys were always very vocal kitties.) Not just because he wants wet food or to go outside but for…everything? Nothing? Annoyingly vocal.

Sasha Kitten Sasha Kitten

And more cuddly. He’s suddenly appearing in the living room when I’m on the couch. And he has been in the bedroom with me several times a week now instead of, oh, maybe once since we moved to the country?

Sasha and Chuck

Poor Sasha Kitten. I don’t know what to do to comfort him.


As usual Sasha Kitten was crying to go outside. I opened the window and he refused to go out. 10 minutes later I opened another window and he refused to go out. An HOUR later (still crying of course) I opened the same window and he went outside.

About 5 minutes later he was crying to be let back indoors. I open the door…he comes running in the apartment and RIGHT BACK TO THE WINDOW THAT IS STILL OPEN and jumps right back outside.

Damn cat.