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Yep. Tis damn hot. My spinach bolted (not a surprise) hence harvesting all I could in one fell swoop.


Earlier this week, I started a large pot of spinach from seed which is sitting on my windowsill and I still have another package of seeds for late August. For now, I shall let the bolting continue until the plants start to dry and hopefully capture the seeds for next year.

Until then, mmm spinach.

First Harvest! Spinach!

Yum! How excited am I?

Spinach Ricotta Cheese Stuffed Shells 

So what did I make? Spinach stuffed shells. Mmmmm.


Along with spinach salad. Life is delicious and good!


My hard working man…I tried to use this machine this weekend and it kept creeping away from me. I am MUCH better at bringing glasses of water out to He Who Makes Me Smile while he tills the land.


Future cucumbers, corn and peas. Yum!

Meanwhile, back in Garden Number One…

Garden Tomatoes

Our tomatoes and spinach and lettuce are looking good! The tomatoes nearly doubled in size in one week and He Who Makes Me Smile added supports to all 10 of our plants. Also added—green and yellow beans.

It appears that the sunflower seeds I haphazardly planted along the side of the barn are not growing. And the strawberries never made it either.  I have plans for one more garden area to be planted with another round of lettuce and spinach and perhaps few other late summer veggies and I still need to get the herb garden going. (With all those tomatoes we planted I NEED basil!)

I know how much I’ve wanted a garden over the years…and how much I have wanted to be back out in the country someday, but my oh my I did not expect the instinct to hit me so fast and so hard. When we first talked about a garden He Who Made Me Smile asked if I would weed every week…and I laughed and said maybe every other week. Right now, I can’t WAIT to get *home* on the weekend and get my hands dirty! I need to check on my babies and see that they are growing. I jump right in with my long pants tucked into my socks and long sleeve shirt and covered in bug spray (and I do mean covered, holy mosquito country!) and start digging and pulling and planting even in the hot sun! And we all know how much I dislike the hot sun…but I find it relaxing. And rewarding.  Who knew? Well, I guess deep down inside I knew, but I didn’t realize exactly HOW quickly this city dwelling gal would get back to her roots.

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