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Our amazing caterer Prospero had 80 pounds of TATER TOTS available for our 260ish sized wedding last weekend. As Rick said to us “that’s enough tots to line up from the restaurant in Buffalo all the way to Porter on the Lake!”

And we STILL ran out. :)

Looks like the love of the TOT extends farther than we thought, eh?

It’s National Eat Your Tater Tots Day!

Now, a younger generation promotes Tater Tots as hipster bar food…This generation also has definitively dropped the “tater.” Following the example set by Napoleon Dynamite, the movies’ patron saint of awkward youth, these fried snacks have become “tots” tout court in common parlance.

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In case you ever crave the TOT…

Yes please!


(I have butt songs from the early 90’s stuck in my head tonight apparently!)


Tis not everyday a non-profit performing arts employee can afford to buy a BRAND NEW CAR. (Disclaimer: Must hear BRAND NEW CAR in the PRICE IS RIGHT announcer voice whenever you read it. Thank you.)

In fact, well, it’s very likely a non-profit performing arts employee can’t really afford to buy a BRAND NEW CAR however … Goodbye Earl!

Bobby was gracious enough to allow me to be his first…ride…in his BRAND NEW CAR! Of course we drove to pick up Maggie who he allowed to be his second…ride…in his BRAND NEW CAR!


See, isn’t Bobby a gentleman opening the door of his BRAND NEW CAR to allow Maggie to slide in the backseat? ;)


Now Bobby has two brunette lovelies in his BRAND NEW CAR one in the front and one in the back and only the open road in front of him. Of course we WANTED to take a trip out to Earl’s to reminisce about the good times but since we were all working we decided to take a ride to South Buffalo for lunch instead.

Mostly because, let’s be honest…we all wanted to be in the car when he hit…um…


69 miles. Yes. We are children.

We ended up at the Blackthorne. Where I experienced for the very first time HUGE! GIANT TOTS!


Ok, this picture doesn’t nearly do the tots justice. Each tot on this plate equals about 4-6 regular sized tots. Not to mention these HUGE TOTS are stuffed with peppers and cheese.


Friends, it doesn’t get much better than HUGE GIANT TOTS STUFFED WITH CHEESE AND A BRAND NEW CAR!

Jealous? I can give you Bobby’s number…


Colter Bay. Yes they serve tater tots as a side. Delicious deep-fried tater tots. And yes all four of us ordered tater tots on the side. Jealous, I know.

Colter Bay. Oh yeah. Side o’ Tots. Mmmm.

Tots by you.

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