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What’s so hard about cooking roasting baking making a turkey? It’s just a bigger roasting bird and takes longer. The first time I ever tried to make one it came out fine. Same with the second to twentieth time. People make such a big deal about it…get a thermometer, some foil to cover the skin so it doesn’t burn, put some liquid on the bottom of the pan and make sure you have plenty of time (I always seem to cook it longer than the directions seem to tell me.) I guess there are people who don’t roast chickens on a regular basis so the idea of a turkey is daunting, but I just don’t understand the drama.


“Um, Jenny? You left the water running in the sink and now the kitchen is flooded.”


“What are you going to do when we have kids? Forget you left them in the bathtub?”

“There’s a big difference between a TURKEY and a baby!”

“Well, they are about the same size…”

22 pound turkey roasting in the oven. Basting with Peach Wine. Mmmmm.


I choose multi-grain good for you bread toasted…take a dab of butter and toss some turkey around in the frying pan, then slab Miracle Whip (light) on one side of the bread and a piece of cheese on the other. Sprinkle a wee bit of salt and…


I would have taken a photo, but the damn sandwich was too good. Maybe next time.

Next time: :)

Turkey Sandwich

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