Month: March 2006

BloggerCon 3 SPRING Edition!

Or as I would like to refer to it…men in tight pants, cold beers and footlong dogs.

BloggerCon with the BISONS anyone?

“The Buffalo Bisons are experts at helping you design a fantastic event for any occasion. There are a variety of food and party options, all at a discounted rate! A group of twenty (20) or more will receive a ticket price discount, recognition on the Bisons left field message center, plus a 10% discount in our souvenir store on the day of the game.”

Group Rates:

Originally I thought a suite would be a good idea, but we want to keep this somewhat affordable. And for EVERYONE including bloggers with Significant Others and Children. At a baseball game ALL ARE WELCOME! The more the merrier :)

Opening night is the 14th. Anyone game? I left a message with the BISONS requesting more information…and will let everyone know more when I do!

UPDATE: FRIDAY THE 14th is GOOD FRIDAY. Does this make a difference for anyone?

“The fridaynightbash!® series returns in 2006 with all the features that have made it a Western New York Tradition. Back is the pre game tent parties, highlighted by DJs or live music bands and food and drink specials. After the Bisons game, enjoy a spectacular post game fireworks show as the sky lights up with an awesome display of power and light.”

(Oh, and please spread the word! OF COURSE!)

Impromptu petition in comment section below! HELP WEIRD AL GET A STAR ON THE WALK OF FAME!


Um, call me naive, but why are they asking for our MONEY to make this happen? I thought that the link was going to take me to a petition to sign.

Oh the things I learn!

Q: What needs to be done to get Al a star? Could you please explain the process?

A: The only way to get a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame is to be nominated and have your nomination accepted by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce review board. Only a handful of the hundreds of applications submitted each year are accepted, and sometimes it takes several years before a nomination is accepted. Not everyone who gets nominated eventually gets accepted, but we think Al’s accomplishments warrant a star and we’re ready for the long haul if need be.

The actual nomination process involves an extensive application and the compiling of a lot of material to be included with it. But don’t you worry about the tedious stuff —- we’re on it!

If the nomination is selected, it’s then up to us to put our money where our mouth is and sponsor the star. That’s where you come in. Your contributions are a very important part of this whole process!

Q: So how much do we need to raise?

A: It currently takes $15,000 to sponsor a Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.


Does Baby A need one of these?

Chandler and Charlotte…sitting in a tree :)

Thanks Lawren for the heads up!
TV stars Matthew Perry and Kristin Davis are Hollywood’s new ‘it’ couple, according to new reports.
The couple were spotted kissing while dining at Los Angeles restaurant La Dolce Vita recently, where they shared a ice-cream and looked like a couple in love. A fellow diner tells magazine Life & Style, “He kept his arm around her the entire time and kissed her forehead at one point.” Meanwhile, a friend of Sex And The City star Davis’ says, “She’s really fallen for Matthew.”

Think they are as cute as their characters? If so….awwwwwwwww. :)

5,540 labels to go

*A SING ALONG for everyone*

To the tune of 100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.

Ready? And.

5,540 more labels to go
5,540 more labels.
You stick one down, toss it on down.
5,539 more labels to go.


There are SO MANY people in our office wearing PINK today, I almost thought I missed out on a Breast Cancer Awareness Clothing Day at work. No joke. I think at least 12 women I counted. And one man.

And thankfully, zero tiny yippy dogs.

That’s a lot of PINK! Think SPRING everyone! It’s a gorgeous GORGEOUS early spring day out there today!

Of course I wore navy blue and cream. D’oh!

Well of course you know BY NOW

That I love penguins. And I love coffee. AND I love Back to the Future. So obviously the cool people at Penguin Mints had me in mind specifically when they sent this carefully crafted letter to my inbox. I *heart* them. And right now, I am still in stock of the Chocolate Mints. But maybe I need some gum. Tasty gum.

Break out the DeLorean & get ready to travel one whole hour into the future!

Sunday April 2nd is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, America’s favorite arbitrary time change. Don’t dread losing an hour of sleep, with a little caffeine zap from Penguin Mints you’ll be ready for whatever thefuture holds!

Let Penguin Mints help you spring forward on your good foot with our 15% off Daylight Savings Special! Now through the end of Friday, March 31st we areoffering 15% off all of our products, plus if you order *$50.00 in merchandise you will receive a complimentary sleeve of Penguin Energy Gum($15.00 value)!

May the Mint be with you,
Brianna & the folks at Penguin Mints