My goodness this year is going so well (knocking on wood.)

The important decisions are yet to be made. :)

THIS is my GALA dress. (And if I tell you how little I paid for it with a coupon you will be JEALOUS.)

Now…can I pull this off with it? Cause I LOVE it and it is SASSY.

Cocktail Hair Clip
This is another version I’m not as fond of…(our 10 year sponsor has been telling us *Go Big or Go Home*)
Tulle Headband
And I suppose there’s this little leaf like headband, but…
Laurel Leaf Headband
Well? Whatta think?
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  1. Jennifer, love the dress-be sure to put your picture up when you wear it so we can ooh and aah with and for you. I think the 3rd headpiece is my fav, looks less widow-spiderish.
    Have a great time!

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