New (Again) NANU


I’ve been using my 1st ever cell phone since Labor Day when white screen of death hit my phone. It basically needs to be plugged in at all times because the battery power is so awful AND forget about texting.

For a short while (a week or so…) I was actually enjoying being mostly off the grid. However comma as the days went along I realized despite being mostly off the phone grid, I wanted to use my camera phone. And then I realized people still texted me and I couldn’t respond.

So last payday I bought a new, again, NANU. The same wonderful green one from before off of And guess what? The charger even works too! No Brigth Ligth needed for me! (Although it is a very very testy connection, I can see why it broke the last time. I’m gonna be extra careful.)

So…text away friends. :)

Also, for safe measure send me a text with your name. I have seemingly lost contacts from my address book with the switch. Thanks!

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