Home Improvement

“IKEA ain’t got nothin’ on my ass!”

And with this one simple statement…


A vision is born.

Untitled Untitled

Suddenly two cupboards space of storage appears in previously unused space in our tiny galley kitchen!

Untitled Untitled


Although deep down inside, I know the real reason for the sudden inspiration. HWMMS wants a dishwasher and needs to create space where the cupboards are to make this happen. He says it’s because his “dishwasher is broken.” By dishwasher, he means me of course. :) Hey whatever gets new shelves made, right?

Playing House

Light Fixture- after

See this light fixture? Someday it won’t be there anymore, after He Who Makes Me Smile and I win the lottery and have money to remodel the country estate.

But right now? We did a little cheap-ass remodeling and removed, well…

Glass Pieces

All of these hanging beads and crystal type things that once lived all over the light fixture. I couldn’t bear the thought of a before photo, I’d almost rather announce my weight on this blog than show a before photo with all those beads…

A whole new light!

And a bunch of *pirate booty* jewels for kiddos to play with when they come to visit!

Oh, and we’ve also been dreaming of paint colors…

Paint Colors

Quite surprisingly, we seem to mostly agree so far, lucky us.

To paint, perchance to dream.

I woke up this morning thinking about painting, again.

Mark has decided after visiting my office work environment that he understands why I’ve had this urge lately. Everything is painted one plain boring neutral greyish color with the tiniest hint of blue shade of drone in the office. No trim, no accents only a boring industrial carpet to match. All the same shade of snooze. I think he almost gave me an approval after visiting!

Anyhow, this time around I’ve decided with Mark’s approval, a brick red for the front room, (putting the wonderful Cherry Blossom Branches throw and Chinese Lantern theme out front in his workout studio space.)

Keeping the same chocolate brown in the dining room but with a brighter touch and a sage green in the middle room and bathroom.

Our bedroom and kitchen are yet to be determined this time around. I was thinking maybe coffee with cream colored khaki in the bedroom, but then started thinking that painting the window wall and closet door black and having all the other walls white.

Who knows. I’m also itching for bright orange now, just don’t know where. (Kitchen perhaps?)

All I know is that this post made me laugh…so I thought I’d share.

Never Choose Paint While Hungry