Retro Kitchen Decor Oopsy!

Our kitchen will be a French Bistro Retro Country type feel once we finish decorating it with many roosters, paint the walls a light creamy yellow and add black and white checkered floors. Since we can’t do that work until we sell the house I’m stuck with just throwing up decor randomly for a while.


I bought the top sign “Electric Magic Mixer: Why Beat it By Hand?” while at a Bison Farm in Edinboro, PA. Found the “Rooster Brand Coffee: Wake the Hell Up!” sign on Amazon.


And apparently I liked the bottom sign SO MUCH I bought it twice without realizing! I found another one packed away with our other “waiting to hang somewhere in the new house” box of love!

I figure instead of paying to send it back, I might as well give it away to someone who might give it a good home…

So if you are interested? Leave a comment below…I’ll choose someone at random at some random time in the random future.

All Things Kitchen Inspiration

I’ve been spending lots of time lately thinking about how to decorate our soon to-be new home. What colors? What designs? What will we both agree on? Interestingly, enough? Although probably not a surprise to many…I have a different style for every room.

Kitchen: French Bistro Country


Our kitchen to-be has pretty new, dark cherry cabinets, sandstone colored backsplash and stainless steel appliances.


We will be painting the walls a very light canary/buttery yellow and add country accents with red gingham and roosters. The tiled floor will have to be replaced sooner than later and I’m thinking black and white checkered floors.  Eventually, we will put in some sort of an island as well, but not anytime soon. And I love the idea of a red screen door on the pantry!

Kitchen Remodel: New Appliances!

Best life ever! I go to brunch with one of my besties and HWMMS installs our new wall oven and stovetop!

Old Appliances (I think from 1978?) And so, so, so dirty and inefficient.

photo photo

And now…our stainless steel convection stove top, wall oven and refrigerator. Not only did I get the items on sale (with free delivery) but I’m getting a rebate and a $400 Lowe’s Gift Card. AND 6% cash back on my purchase because I ordered through Ebates. WOOT!


Man, I do believe that is a value add to the place for when we sell. And in the meantime…hello new appliances!

“IKEA ain’t got nothin’ on my ass!”

And with this one simple statement…


A vision is born.

Untitled Untitled

Suddenly two cupboards space of storage appears in previously unused space in our tiny galley kitchen!

Untitled Untitled


Although deep down inside, I know the real reason for the sudden inspiration. HWMMS wants a dishwasher and needs to create space where the cupboards are to make this happen. He says it’s because his “dishwasher is broken.” By dishwasher, he means me of course. :) Hey whatever gets new shelves made, right?

My New Old Kitchen Curtain!

While browsing through Etsy for vintage tablecloths for Weber Wedding Weekend I found this priceless gem…


And yes, you can see me taking the photo in the window, but I think it’s sort of funny.


It matches the current colors of our galley kitchen perfectly.


I know HWMMS doesn’t like it…but he told me that if it made me happy, I should get it. So I wasted no time…I anticipate many compromises like this in the future. All going my way of course. (JUST KIDDING LOVE!)*

*sort of ;)

Tiny, Tiny Kitchen

Left Side of Tiny, Tiny Kitchen and Right Side of Tiny, Tiny Kitchen.

Yes, it is a Tiny, Tiny Kitchen. And I almost cried more than once in the midst of unpacking asking myself how I ever thought I was going to exist with so little space.

However, I made everything fit. And I’m happy.


I have a pantry coming for the hallway in addition to this built in area yet to organize. Everything I need right at my tiny, tiny fingertips.

Certainly a kitchen made for one, but I am only me. And me is good enough for this tiny, tiny kitchen.