Damn eye phobia!

Last night I was casually reading the book Comfortably Numb: How Psychiatry Is Medicating a Nation. La la la. Great book. Not a light read. Tons of facts and figures and footnotes and me reading out loud to Mark in outrage. And suddenly I get to a paragraph talking about history of brain science and lobotomy and I see the following words appear in the same sentence…

“Sharp needle. Eyeball. Brain…and I think I read Poke.”

And I screamed. Literally screeched and threw the book from the futon.

SEVERAL minutes later I’m a little calmer, I picked up the book, body utterly tense…and asked Mark to read the paragraph (to himself) that I’m sort of pointing at to see when I’m safe to read again.

Still freaking out knowing the words I processed on the page before me, I speak of the incident in chopped sentences without breathing “why. would. do. that?” And he tells me it wasn’t through the EYE but the EYE SOCKET (AND I JUST HAD A HARD TIME EVEN WRITING THAT!!! MUST NOT THINK ABOUT THIS!)

So interestingly enough, I’m sitting here right now at the computer while Mark is watching Mythbusters about sharks…and I hear the narrator talk about attacking the shark by…poking…them…in…the…



Update: THEY JUST SAID IT AGAIN. I screamed out loud. Mark is not amused. I need to go to bed.

Our Big Fat Cable Television Coma Induced Nonromanced Evenings.

Mark: “Well aren’t YOU lucky…you want to blog and there happens to be all new episodes of UFC on tonight.” (And a new episode of Mythbusters.)

Jen: “Lucky indeed.”


Mind you, we had the same experience on Sunday night.

Jen: “Well aren’t you lucky…you want to spend hours looking up Wing Chun and Full Length Silent Movies of Robin Hood from 1922 on YouTube and it happens to be the premier of Rock of Love 2 and Scott Baio is 36 and Pregnant on tonight.”

Mark: (Channeling Bret Michaels) “Awesome.”