Olympic Hockey

Next stop, CUP!


We love us some Ryan Miller!

Now, back to our regular scheduled programming.

Otherwise known as HEY WORLD. RYAN MILLER, you know that awesome MVP in the Olympics?

Yeah, he plays for the BUFFALO SABRES thankyouverymuch.


And now, back to the race for the cup.

See ya in the Burgh on Tuesday, Crosby. (Grrrrr. The only kind of penguin I don’t particularly like, the ones in Pittsburgh.)

It's over

USA! USA! Miller Time!

Hot diggity dog!!!

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Wooooooo! MILLER TIME!

And since I’m not even a little bit of a hockey blogger, I now defer to the great Kate, who is practically speechless.

“Just as Sidney Crosby had cut the U.S. lead to one goal, American Ryan Kessler scored an empty-netter to regain it as the U.S. chased down its first Olympic men’s hockey victory versus Canada since 1960 by a score of 5-3.”

“The Americans got big games from big players. Ryan Miller was exactly the player that Canadians have feared from the beginning.”

“Canada outshot the U.S. 45-22 yet couldn’t badly dent Miller, the goalie the Americans felt could best stand up to all of Canada’s might. He did just that, making 42 saves in the victory of a lifetime.”

Martin Brodeur may be the most accomplished goaltender in NHL history in some eyes, but Sunday night against the United States he was undoubtedly the second-best goaltender on the ice to American Ryan Miller

“He’s the best goalie in the world,” said USA defenceman Jack Johnson. “He was absolutely phenomenal and the reason why we won that game. He bailed us out when we were on our heels.”

And guess what is the #1 trending topic on Twitter right now?


1/4 of the way to GOLD BABY!