I’m a very good girl…

I left the office tonight around 7 pm. I stopped at the new GORGEOUS ETS (Elmwood Taco and Sub) and picked up a Taco Salad, Chicken Enchilada and Chicken Chimichanga. Can you say leftovers? Then I swung on over to Blockbuster to rent the new Iron Man game for PS2. (Remember, Mark gets a PS3 when I get “till death do us part…”) Along with the delivery of the dinner and the game I brought along an icy cold beer. “What did I do to deserve all this?” I just told him to remember I’m totally marriage material.

Oh and for those who care. Mark thought Iron Man was the best comic book movie, ever. “Only slightly above SpiderMan, the special effects…nothing looked awkward.”

I’ve been hearing about this Iron Man movie, oh…just a little bit for the last 24 hours. Mark went to see the movie while I was at work on Sunday. I’m almost, almost thinking I should have just gone with him. And a quick aside for those of you who DON’T KNOW…there’s a bonus clip at the end of the credits during the movie. Stay for the whole last she-bang. (Cheers to Mike L. for the tip!) If you’re lucky you can catch a copyright infringed version on YouTube before Marvel takes them all down.

Update on Iron Man Game for Playstation 2: “I would have been pissed if I bought this game…”

Dreams can come true!

I told my Mark that my brother received a Playstation for his wedding as a present from his friends. So when Mark wistfully browses the online shops and keeps stopping at the PS3, I tell him it too could only be his…if…he just pops that one little question…

I’m certain enough of his friends will pony up a few bucks as a constellation prize for him for getting to deal with me for the rest of his life, actually Lil Brother himself might be willing to pay that price! Instead of a “help us pay for our honeymoon” or “help us pay for our house” registry Mark could set up the PS3 MAN registry.

I can see it now, instead of a honeymoon Mark will be sitting on the futon playing Assassins Creed while I bake goodies and cook some good food in the kitchen.

And when you look at the overall big picture? This isn’t unreasonable, with approximately 300 guests our gift registry would be approximately $3.33 per person, not too shabby!

Ah, to dream. ;)