E is for Envious


“What does that person have that I don’t that makes me feel envious?”

Social Media has been an amazing way for me to keep in touch with friends near and far as well as network and make new connections. And with every new connection I make I find myself becoming envious of certain people and circumstances over and over and over again. Not in a bitter jealous way, but rather the “I want to do that too” kind of way.

For example:

  • 1. Successful bloggers. When I see successful bloggers who have 10,000 people following them on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest I think—why them and not me, I could do this too!
  • 2. Successful authors. I’m so happy for people who publish their writing! Yet every time I see someone promoting their work I think—why them and not me, I could do this too!
  • 3. Successful weight loss men/women.  I know so many people who have been able to turn their life around and embrace healthy living. I think—why them and not me, I could do this too!
  • 4. Successful community volunteers/activists. With so many worthy organizations out there, I see many people serving on boards and being a part of making a real difference in the world around them.—I think why them and not me, I could do this too!

Now in the same sense, I sometimes think—why them and not me, I could do this too! when it involves something I’d rather not be doing. Most of the time this involves Social Media skills and teaching or sitting on a panel or running a conference session. I know I could do this, and have been asked to do it before, but I just don’t have any desire.

The article “Envy Can Be Good For You” asks:

So what can my envy teach me?

1. What can I learn from his success that I can apply to my plans?

2. What stopped me from playing a bigger game like the one he is playing? If I am so smart with so much more to say, how can I play at that level too?

3. Have I set the right standards for my own success?

Good questions. And I know the answers…I just need to DO IT.

Therein lies my envy…these other people are actually DOING things I know I can do, yet I still somehow struggle with motivation. ACTION. I need to learn how to not only ignite the fire but to IMPLEMENT action steps to make these things happen. I’ve had this problem all my life. It’s not that I don’t believe I can, rather I can’t seem to get started and keep going.

The key to unlocking this puzzle?


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Moleskine Color-A-Month Planner Set for 2012

Oh. Oh. Oh.

I love this product so much! (Thank you Dayna!)

Moleskine Color-A-Month Planner Set

Moleskins Moleskins

I pinned this on my All Things For Me? board a while ago and was lucky enough that my sister-in-law saw it because now it is MINE all MINE! Pretty colorful pocket notebooks with calendars and room for notes each day! YES PLEASE!


Oops. I made a little mistake while He Who Makes Me Smile was talking to me about my blog. I can’t wait to use Book #6 (Yellow) where I can write MRS. WEBER!


Top 10 Bookish Resolutions

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic:
Top Ten Bookish Resolutions

We’re already in the new year and we want to know what your bookish resolutions are.  They can be book-blog related, reading related, writing related and/or book related!

1. Read 100 books this year. I made it to 88 one year without challenging myself. I should be able to read two books a week, if I stay off Facebook.

2. Blog post everyday! #postaday2011 WordPress PostADay I pretty much already do this but I’m going to make sure of it this year.

3. I will publish some piece of writing. I repeat, I will publish some sort of writing.

4. I will read at least 27 books that I have sitting on my shelf. I have soooo many books sitting on that shelf of mine that are not yet read, what the heck am I waiting for? Why do I always find new books instead?

5. Use. The. Library! (I live a block away, why do I never go to the library?)

6. Start listening to audiobooks on iPod while walking to work. Which means I either need to get another little iPod to upload books on or erase all my Ron Hawkins music on the RonPod. Hmmm. I think I might just invest in another player, they are pretty cheap.

7. Make sure to actually sort of review each book I read on my blog and link to Goodreads instead of just listing them, I mean what fun is that?

8. Join some sort of a bookclub. Online? Southtowns? Maybe I won’t stick to it but if I can at least read two books that I would never have thought about reading before being in a bookclub I will be happy. And then I will quit, which I usually do because there are so many books out there I want to read I hate wasting my time, or the illusion of wasting my time on a book I didn’t really want to read.

9. Read at least one of the books remaining in the Babel series and attend the lecture!

10. YOUR SUGGESTION—-what resolution should I make?

Happy 7th Blogiversary to Me!

I’ve been doing this gig for seven years now. Started back in September 2003.

Tis the only thing I’ve been consistent with my whole life.


Thanks for reading but thank you even more…for helping me become the person I am today. I’ve made many, many friends through blogging and my life is enriched in ways I never imagined possible when I first started.


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Is This the Time to Chase a Career Dream?

What separates crazy dreams from viable business ideas? I don’t think that it has anything to do with the idea, or the profession, or the market itself. It has to do with the person.

I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing…Community Relations work.

I would however, write more…and try to publish something and make some $$$ if I only…you know, wrote more. ;)

Another witty Republican Jennifer…

How many of us are out there?

I was quite pleased to find out that the lovely and talented author Ms. Jennifer Lancaster happens to lean to the RIGHT.

(I always think she looks a little like Jen14221 a wee bit…)

Oh no! Is the market already too saturated with witty, brunette, intelligent, Republican writing women named Jennifer? Will I ever be able to sell a witty memoir if there is already a Jen Lancaster and in Buffalo our very own Jen 14221 AND All Things Jennifer? Or are we secretly a triple threat?  ;)

I wonder if Jen Lancaster is also an ADPi?